HUBLOT & FERRARI Partners For Five Years

The cooperation between some watchmakers and automakers has been a great success; others have failed; of course, most are in between. A lot of variables, partners obviously can not control – such as time and luck – but other, they can control and improve. The Hublot and Ferrari alliances, which are now five years old, have proved a success story worth studying.


Perhaps the most noteworthy two modern car/watch partners are Bentley and Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin. Breitling/Binley’s pairing is now a bit long and is determined by its good timing; the latter’s AMVOX is a real reflection of refinement, a kind of collaboration that has just started. The Ferrari watch is a completely different animal if there is no reason other than the longevity plan of the Ferrari watch.

It began in the 1950s and 1960s; in the 1970s, it was skillfully matched with Longnes and Tag Heuer (especially with Scuderia Ferrari); Cartier (Falali) in the 1980s; from 1994 to 2004. , owned by Girard-Perregaux (“poured Ferrari” series); from 2005 to 2010, working with Panerai (“Ferrari Designed by Officine Panerai”); with Cabestan (Disposable Limited Edition “Scuderia Ferrari”) in 2010 and In 2011, finally, starting in 2011, together with Hublot.


Hublot/Ferrari has included two generations of the Big Bang Ferrari, including the new Big Bang Ferrari timer Unico; a limited edition in its thirties, with outstanding models such as the classic fusion tourbillon skeleton Ferrari 250 GTO and the Big Bang Thai Fragrance Ferrari; MP-05 LaFerrari makes models; and the unique Big Bang Ferrari Collot Foundation, which is a unique work created for charity auctions. Although the medium-term cooperation between the two companies takes a relatively long time, the partnership is still steadily advancing – if not already – into this solemn and solemn club, with only members including Brelin, Bentley, and Jager Leko. Special, Aston Martin and a handful of other clubs. To understand Hublot and Ferrari’s great success, you can review the previous Ferrari partnership.


For the sake of argument, let us ignore Longines, Heuer, and Cartier; they are ancient histories and lack the complexity of current partnerships. Nor will we regard the one-time Cabestan as unique. This left us with Girard Perego, Panare and Harbero. Two of them, Girard-Perregaux and Hublot, have been (and still are) very successful; Panerai is a disaster. (The obvious question is whether Ferrari’s GP Pour Ferrari collection will succeed today, and because of changes in time and luck, the answer is a resounding negation.) Well, let’s see what works and what works What is in front of you?


In essence, the Girard-Perregaux Pour Ferrari watch is just a standard version of the GPs. It has a Ferrari dial and some other adjustments – it’s certainly attractive, but there’s nothing special other than the GP product at the time. The success of this decade’s joint venture, as we mentioned, the main time: the debut of the watch when the car began to rediscover mechanical watches on weekends, when Ferrari (from GTB and 308 GTB) is easier than ever, more than the increase There is no other reason for the output.

Although this partner released some special models, such as the excellent Scuderia Ferrari chronograph (Rattrapante Foudroyante), there is no real “Ferrari.” Less than two decades later, these watches made people feel a bit strange – they are not necessarily bad, but they are more like the Swiss mechanical clocks of the 1960s and 1970s than the modern ones.


To some extent, Ferrari designed by Officine Panerai also suffered the same fate, but in this incident, its timing was very bad. On the surface, Panerai and Ferrari seem to be the perfect combination of Italian iconic design-driven luxury brands. However, the resulting watches have nothing to do with Ferrari itself, regardless of the specific design of the cabinet – which in turn distinguishes them from the traditional Panerai Luminor and Radiomir watches. Panarei’s guerrillas and Ferrari fans are unhappy. This era requires more complex and more comprehensive cooperation. The collection did not progress and was terminated several months before the scheduled end. In the end, the watch was quietly sent to the Greyhound Ranch at half price – although it was expensive, it was slow.


All of this brought us to Hublot, Ferrari’s second five-year epoch. The new generation of Big Bang Ferrari Unico made its debut in the fall of 2016, but retail sales will not begin until March 2017. Ferrari Chief Designer Flavio Manzoni successfully redesigned the watch to echo the curves and angles of some of his most famous models: California T, 488 GTB and limited edition LaFerrari Hybrid supercar.

Jean-Francois Sberro, general manager of Hublot North America, said: “The new design incorporates cutting-edge technology and modern style.” “It has a new outline and advanced features, such as improved readability Sex dialing, ergonomics and new style attributes in the case of countersunk grades fit better to represent the characteristics of Ferrari – slender buttons (for example,) to fix a rotating employee portrait on a pedal on a car.”


This raises the question that Ferrari’s car design is inspired by its appearance and overall appearance. Well, this is enough to remind people: enough to make anyone want to add such a watch to his collection. It is smoother than the early big bangs and has a special design, such as the timer that simulates the brake pedal, the weight of the rotor and the swing, reminiscent of the classic Ferrari wheel design. It feels super masculinity, just like a Ferrari – this is its key.

As its name suggests, Hublot’s Big Bang Ferrari Precision chronograph is equipped with an in-house produced Unico automatic flyback chronograph caliber, which is installed in three limited-production case metal options: titanium (1000 pieces), Carbon (500) and 18k gold (500). This dial is inspired by the instrumentation of the dashboard and features a six-point jumper skillfully.


Hublot has been successful in two ways: it has retained the core DNA of the Big Bang (although the Ferrari Big Bang has always been slightly different from the core series), and has conducted in-depth studies of Ferrari’s design, as well as automotive and racing materials. Both have never compromised and in fact have emphasized. Hublot Big Bang Ferraris is the culmination of Hublot’s “convergence” spirit, which is why it wins in Panerai where it failed: balance. The fans of these two brands feel that they are interested in them and have a good representation.


“Watches are not the most important part of this partnership,” said Jean-Claude Biver, Hublot’s most legendary chairman. “We are ‘ambassadors’, Ferrari is the ambassador of Hublot. Ferrari brings popularity, prestige and exclusivity to Hublot in countries where (Hublot) is not recognized. Our marriage. Sberro added: “The big bang Ferrari’s Each new version represents our quest for innovation, excellence and performance – this is the values ​​our two companies represent – ​​we look forward to the continued celebration of our long-term partnership. Therefore, the honeymoon seems to continue.

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