Hublot Meca-10 Ceramic Blue Hands Why This Big Bang Is For Watch Sports Fans

During the “Geneva Watch Week” in January 2018, I met with Cheap Hublot Replica Watches and saw the new blue ceramic version of this Big Bang Meca-10 watch (here the original version of the series was shown here). This is one of the more interesting “watch collectors” versions of the Big Bang currently available, and writing it gives me the opportunity to share interesting stories about the Hublot Meca-10 series.

A few months ago, when I visited the Hublot Replica factory in Nyon, Switzerland, I found myself having a time to kill. I asked, “Can I talk to others?” Hublot’s busy team thought about it, called, and then let me wait for someone to pick me up. In 10 minutes, I was sitting next to a friendly guy whose position was “Sports Builder.” Brands don’t usually like the valuable engineers they talk about in the media, because it often leads to “pod hunting,” so I won’t mention the person’s name, but if you end up reading this, thank you for your time. Chat me instead of action.

Hublot Replica Watches is one of the few watch brands in the world, and they actually design and design new movements from a practical and artistic perspective. Hubble’s movement design office’s bookcase is full of folders dedicated to the schematics of the various movements designed and manufactured over the years. Some are the large UNICO automatic chronographs, and some are more focused on the movement of enthusiasts, such as the movement HUB1201 in the Big Bang Meca-10 watch. I spent more than 30 minutes listening to a person who was passionate about what he designed in HUB1201 and his philosophy when he imagined this mechanism. I am sorry that not all people who express sympathy for the design and originality of this product can hear this kind of sincerity about their own labor products and stand by.

For its value, Fake Hublot Watches tries to share the fact that the design of this watch is original and looks cool when it comes to writing: “The mechanism of Big Bang Meca-10 Blue Ceramic is as innovative as the materials included. Its hand-wound skeleton movement has been developed over two years and has a 10-day power reserve of 223 parts. As proof of aesthetics and technical expertise, it has two barrels parallel to the power reserve indicator: a gear The system, the two dice slide along the horizontal axis. Emphasizing this mechanical structure, the opening at 3 o’clock shows a red dot when the movement is close to the last few days of the power reserve, while the gear at 6 o’clock indicates the exact number of days remaining and Adjust the organ and the coupled small seconds adjuster appears at 7 o’clock.”

Most consumers won’t read the brand’s own press releases – if they see the Meca-10 watch with their own eyes, they may not realize that the movement is designed as an artistically expressive mechanical sculpture (telling time). The 10-day power reserve is a performance promise that helps position the movement as high-end, but for me, the real appeal lies in the shape of the part and the visual presentation of the open movement. Hublot is celebrating industrial design, whose shapes and elements are usually not found in traditional watch movements. Large power reserve gears and linear moving gears that move it are good examples of these components. I am very glad to hear from the designer how he likes to watch the movement and provide a high level of performance so that the HUB1201 is impressive on paper. For me, this is what many watch collectors are looking for (or should be), and Best Hublot Replica Watches is one of the brands they can find.

The HUB1201 operates at 3 Hz (21,600 bph) with a 10-day power reserve and a cooling indicator on the dial. Manual motion only indicates when the 9 o’clock position assists the second hand dialing. As the engine inside the watch and the dial of the wearer (and its audience), the movement has a dual function. The clarity is very low by using large hands and hour markers, as well as effective surface treatment of these elements.

With a width of 45 mm and a thickness of 15.95 mm (water resistance of 100 m), the Meca-10 is available in a standard modern Big Bang housing. Part of me hopes that this movement has its own situation, but I can not only borrow the personality of the Big Bang as the framework of the mechanism. Hublot currently offers a variety of styles of Big Bang Meca-10, including black ceramics, titanium, magic gold, gold gold, and now blue ceramics as a reference 414.EX.5123.RX. Blue continues to be a luxury watch field Hot goods, so it is expected that Hublot and almost all other watch brands will see more of this color in the next few years. Blue ceramics are still a relatively uncommon color for ceramic watches, so now such watches have a unique novelty.

On the watch, the statement given to me by this watch is very simple and straightforward. This applies to watch collectors who love modern, masculine design, as well as those who appreciate the art of mechanical movement, making them visually appealing and confident. You really need a high level of personal confidence and taste to be able to wear such things, it just means that most people get Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 is not entirely a beginner. So these watches are not cheap, but you get a very comprehensive “internal packaging” here, so I don’t think they are too expensive. The retail price of the Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 Blue Ceramic 414.EX.5123.RX is $22,000.

Hublot Big Bang Unico TMT Watch

Since its inception, Hublot has built a reputation for collaboration with sports such as Ferrari and Usain Bolt. Recently, in collaboration with boxer Floyd Mayweather, Hublot Big Bang Unico TMT is no exception. The partnership was first launched in 2015, when Mayweather put on his boxing shorts against Manny Pacquiao and has now shown his 50-0 record in the form of two watches. The two watches released in the collaboration are loud and exaggerated, perfectly encapsulating Mayweather’s nickname: “Money”. Big Bang Unico TMT has two models, one called “Carbon Gold” and the other called “Carbon Gold”. Gold Jewelry.. Cheap Hublot Replica Watches uses 3N-the two watches for the first time with gold-plated carbon fiber, which is used to decorate the case and bezel.

This 3N gold inlaid carbon is built by manually inserting gold powder into a separate layer of carbon fiber and then compressing them, which is undoubtedly a difficult process. Despite this, it is surprising that Hublot Replica Watches pioneered this process. For the “carbon gold” version, the material creates a smoked, camouflage look that blends the sturdiness of carbon fiber with the luxury of 18k gold. This watch has no nuances, but carbon fiber can subdue the brilliance that gold sometimes emits. Therefore, although the case and the bezel are scattered with gold powder, the watch still creates a sense of balance. Unlike some other short-skinned watches, legibility is not a real concern, because the gold and sub-dial look very eye-catching compared to the matte black skeleton.

On the other hand, 3N gold inlaid carbon fiber produced different impressions on the “golden jewelry” model, mainly because the dial, the case and the bezel were set with more than 400 diamonds, these diamonds are satin – also completed . It’s more, more blind, it almost seems to come from a completely different line. Although diamonds form a very important part of a watch, they are not too much, as many other frozen watches often appear. Both watches feature the same strap, made from black calfskin, with python and gold studs, similar to the shorts worn by Mayweather when defeating Conor McGregor. These rivets may be more suitable for products from companies such as Gucci or Versace, which makes the straps almost too aggressive. Despite this, it is a representative of Mayweather’s personality and complements other aesthetics.

Immediately on the skeleton dial of the two watches, the golden “TMT” decals at 12 o’clock is an interesting needlework technique that has traditionally been used for quilting and is quite rare in watches. The abbreviation of Mayweather’s lifestyle brand “The Money Team”, alongside another inscription on the sapphire bottom cover – “TBE” or “The Best Ever”, adds some talent to the already intricate movement.

Although the two watches look very different, their technical specifications are basically the same. Like the other watches in Hublot’s Unico series, it has a diameter of 45mm and a thickness of 15.45mm. While relatively large sizes may make some consumers discouraged, this is quite modest for Fake Hublot Watches standards. It does allow us to see the famous HUB1242 Unico movement, an internal movement consisting of 330 hand-assembled components with a 3-day power reserve.

“Carbon Gold” is limited to 100 pieces and sells for $28,300. “Golden Jewelry” is limited to 10 pieces and is priced at $93,700. Most importantly, both have boxing gloves signed by Mayweather.Hublot Replica.