Piaget Limelight Gala replica watches

Earl engraved in 2013 for the first time the classic watches, launched with a silk ribbon Limelight Gala watches, and now it is in turn covered with gold, with a unique attitude return with Milan reticulocyte chain belt (Milanese mesh strap) valiant lines contrasting it known soft curves. Official Model: G0A41213.

3498  3499


Piaget Limelight Gala replica series 18K rose gold diamond watch tushang

Complex process woven chain belt, pure and transparent diamonds, slender Roman numerals, silhouetted against the pristine dial, the new Limelight Gala series watch, the more fascinating popping up in front of people.

3500 3501
Watch entirely in 18K rose gold, unique metal aesthetic, to create attractive women. 32 mm case inlaid with 62 round diamonds weighing 1.76 karats set with round diamonds progressive for this very precious feminine watch gives infinite charm and elegance. Two beautiful stretch of asymmetrical lugs extending along a circular case open to the people a hope both know. Embedded with rose gold Roman numerals hour markers, full of flavor.
Pristine silver dial with sapphire crystal, subtle and natural. Embedded design crown engraved with “P” Earl initials.

3502 3503
Gold weave delicate lines and smooth, bracelet soft and comfortable, with a perfect blend of the case as a whole, precious material filling the gentle temperament, skin shining charming glory. Sliding clasp bracelet size adjustment allows precise to the millimeter, so fine adjustment so watch wrist perfect fit.
Back engraved with the Piaget logo LOGO, which is equipped with internal self-690P quartz movement. Limelight Gala series 18K rose gold version of the watch with an extremely complex process woven satin strap and round diamonds inlaid decorate the city ladies Haowan, concentrated PIAGET Earl of extreme femininity, raw and elegant and moving, sexy charming.

Bucherer replica watches Aidemaer

Swiss watch brand Carl F. Bucherer has always been adhering to the “do not follow the crowd” concept, in order to uphold the tradition, spirit of innovation to create exquisite precision watch. Bucherer Aidemaer watches  name derived from the Latin, which contain “love something” or “to enjoy the fun of a” meaning, a symbol table of the Lord touched watch Wife feeling. Today, as we watch the house called a classic elegant style, people love the watch, watch the official model: 00.10314.08.35.01.


Bucherer Aidemaer watches

The watch case in solid steel, rounded shape is extraordinarily elegant, inside the case is equipped with an automatic mechanical movement; black watch dial style is simple, low-key and restrained, show the time and date. Watch with a black crocodile leather strap, elegant style, and the case with harmony.

Assembled on the case the crown is more common circular crown, crown the side grooved arrangement has caused modifications carried out to adjust the time when it is convenient to grasp; crown with the brand logo, not only highlight the grasp of the details of the brand, while also decorative effect. After grinding through the crown rounded and smooth touch and very comfortable.

Watch solid steel round case diameter 39 mm, rounded shape beautiful and elegant. Case after careful polishing process, flowing lines and bright clean smooth section of the case, reflecting the bright and has a textured metallic finish.

Round watch dial with a black bottom surface, its outer edge with silver hour markers and minute scale, the central assembly silver metal hands; three o’clock position on the dial with date display window. Dial style is simple, time display is very clear, easy to read at a glance.

Date DIAL three o’clock position display window is rectangular, white disk and black Arabic numerals displayed on the black dial shows a very clear, at a glance you can clearly get date information.

Watch case and lugs integrally cast lugs and case as meticulously polished, smooth surface light cleaning, edges and corners are also treated, rounded and smooth. Lugs compact shape, having a micro radians, you can guarantee when worn with a wrist watch more fitting.

Watch using back through the bottom of the table, the central transparent table mirror, the edges of solid steel rings, bottom of the table with the screw bolt fixed on the case, sealed Yan together, with water depth of 30 meters feature. You can see through the transparent mirror inside the case is equipped with automatic mechanical movement, movement polished elegant, decorated with exquisite texture on the part.

This watch design is simple, whether it is style or tone, though not gorgeous, but elegant and classic. Clear display make decent watch, you can easily read the time, very convenient. This watch is worn on the wrist, both wearing formal dress banquet or home leisure, are very decent, filling the elegant and classic charm.

Breguet sailing cheap replica watches 5827

Breguet sailing cheap replica watches 5827

Breguet replica has always been the most important part of the Swiss watches, watch for the development of the industry have a indelible contribution, Breguet brand dates back to 1775, its founder Abraham • • Louis Breguet can be said the entire watch industry leader, life and create countless great invention, there are sessions still watch this profound impact right. Watch House today to bring you a Breguet watches sailing Tasting, watch the official model: 5827BR / 12 / 5ZU.

Breguet watches sailing leisure table with sturdy design ideal convey Breguet watchmaking concept to meet modern consumer emphasis on comfortable, practical and stylish requirements. And watch the series in full compliance with the standards of military precision timepieces, today as we bring this Breguet Breguet watches sailing series introduced in 2015, the Basel Watch Fair in the new watch.

Breguet nautical table dates back to 1815, Abraham – Louis Breguet • appointed by King Louis XVIII, as the French Royal Navy Queen watchmaker. At that time, the timing means sailing fleet is crucial, as they may determine the position of ships at sea. Such chronograph must be accurate, and can withstand the impact of the movement to bring the ship continued. After accepting this task, Mr. Breguet designed a variety of outstanding sailing chronograph.

The Breguet watches sailing series uses 42 mm diameter design, 18K rose gold case to build, using the side of the watch is designed screw lock crown, the crown over the button to start time Pause button below the crown is timed return zero button.

The Breguet watches sailing series has many Breguet brand logo design, bezel used for the classic coin decoration design, lugs using a thickness welded lugs design, all classic watch is 14.1 mm, as a sports watch models still fit, but still sturdy point comparison wearer can HOLD live.

Watch Breguet disk design has consistent design style, watch more special is that minute chronograph watch also located in a central location, central chronograph seconds hand and chronograph minute design center, watch the 6 o’clock position has 12-hour time bezel and a date display window design, the 9 o’clock position with small seconds count is normal.

Used to watch through the end bottom of the table design, precision operation of the internal movement of the watch is clearly visible. Breguet is equipped with internal production Cal. 583Q / 1 provides 48 hours of power reserve self-winding movement with 311 precision component parts, 18K rose gold oscillating weight design, full of stars on a watch chain.

Breguet Marine Navigation Series is a precious period of history recall, also in line with the needs of today’s customers. They have a rugged, sporty appearance, called the crystallization of modern design, while preserving the characteristics of the Breguet style.