IWC limited edition little prince chronograph replica watches

In the watch industry’s many tabulation inspiration, aviation, space is the eternal theme, it is inevitable to be engraved, and into the timepiece itself. As we all know, although the development of modern technology does not need the pilot watch the auxiliary, but it has witnessed the development of the pilot to the world about the fascination of the legendary pilots in the past. Recently, in the pilot watch Chong (jie) high (jie) King (chan) meaning (yi), I came to the IWC IWC Beijing Oriental Plaza store, see the store not only the atmosphere of the big flying heritage 48 watch, Mark eighteen steel strap watch, in addition to the popular limited edition models of the small prince chasing time watch impressively in the column, full of interesting “blue stars” disk is very nice, its style and money is also IWC performed well One of the classic timepieces, now with the author to bring you to enjoy it!

Pilot Series IW371807 replica watches


Tells the story of a Star Trek “Little Prince” has become a million pilots watch the creative source. In this watch the blue dial, every day will light a golden star, but it is no law to follow the order of light, looks “free to move” the golden stars for this watch to add Ornamental and exploration. But the dial on the “bright” stars are controllable, the wearer through the rotation of the bezel can adjust the location of the golden stars, the sense of full operation. In addition to the magic of the golden stars, it also has a week display, date display and timing of practical functions. The entire watch looks atmospheric type, both mature and stable uncle temperament innocence innocence. This “little prince” special watch limited 1000, like this watch the small partners pay attention to you, do not miss this opportunity Oh!

Pilot Series IW510301 watch


“Full of big guys,” the author tried on this watch when the case said. Although the dial of the nations are not small, but this can definitely be said that the larger series of brand watches. Although the big dial is not everyone can control, but most men still like the big dial watch, show men’s informal, as the overall image of a sub-hero, a sub-atmosphere. Like this watch, as well as a well-deserved big fly, simple but not a simple three-pin dial, full of brand iconic design style, are highlighting the tough guy’s logo, if longing for the masculine man, the atmosphere, then consider this wrist The table is absolutely right. The same is limited to 1000, like a small partner do not miss it!

IW327001 IWC Pilot replica Series


Mark 18 series watch often small calf leather strap show people, steel section of the author or the first time I saw. This is regarded as a representative of the pilot, the design continues the pilot’s style consistent style. With the unique charm of the series of traditional pilots of the 12-time brand logo, avant-garde Arabic numerals time scale, brand pilot series unique pointer style design, interpretation of the engraved timepieces on the pilot watch the lofty tribute. If the calfskin it produces visual fatigue, then consider starting this piece of steel pilots watch is also good.
Once upon a time, a Mark series of watches makes the author deeply in love with the pilots series of watches, especially the Mark 18 series and the Little Prince special series.

IWC Portugal seven days moving storage replica watch

Dating back to the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, IWC Portugal replica was the best navigator in the exploration of the oceans, far beyond that of other powers; they discovered not only new maritime routes and land, but also the Swiss replica watchmaking Industry to flourish, even if it is the twentieth century in 1936. At that time two Portuguese businessman Rodrigues (Rodrigues) and Teixeira (Teixeira) visit Schaffhausen, ordered to the nations as an accurate as the chronometer stainless steel watch, the Portuguese series watch was born.

It can be said that the success of the nations is the most representative of its Portuguese series inseparable, I believe many people first understand the nations of the brand, are from the Portuguese series of Portuguese seven and Portugal began, these two are like twins Of the watch, I do not know captured the hearts of many people. In the last year, the Portuguese series ushered in the 75th anniversary of its creation, watches also carried out a comprehensive upgrade, made a number of technical and aesthetic improvements, and brand development of self-produced 52000 series movement is also fully equipped in the new Portugal watch series of watches.

This new rose gold Portuguese seven (model: IW500701), 42.3 mm case, if the stainless steel blue needle to give you the feeling like a spring, then this beige dial gold pointer watch let perception more Of the hot some. And its constant is the watch design style and tabulation standards.



As a seven-day dynamic storage watch, its seven-day power reserve display, at 3 o’clock position, a small dial is divided into eight regions, which remind the red part of the owner of the watch. At 9 o’clock position of the small seconds, very streamlined. Black orbital time-dial with rose gold needle small seconds, simple and reveals an elegant temperament. The trapezoidal display box at the 6 o’clock position shows the date. Concise display and watch the overall style of the dial is consistent with the simple style. Read clear at a glance.




Large crown is located in the middle of the side of the case, the crown side engraved with the nations Logo.




With a dark brown crocodile leather strap, color coordination, folding clasp of the material also chose the same case with the 18K rose gold.




Case thickness of 14.5 mm, be more heavy style, full texture. Groove-type bezel and case side of the drawing process to maintain a series of Portuguese used to a style.




Lug side of the grinding surface grinding, and the front of the smooth surface contrast, making the lugs more three-dimensional, elegant curvature of the lugs, in addition to make the watch more comfortable when worn, but also increased the beauty of the entire watch.

Table back



Through the table back, you can clearly see the homemade 52010 movement, this movement size is very large, no fine-tuning Glucydur? Balance wheel, balance wheel rim with fine-tuning screws and Breguet springs, pendulum Tuo decorated with 18K gold badge. Equipped with two barrels to provide greater torque, the full chain, the double barrel can also watch for up to seven days of power reserve to provide sufficient energy.

Summary: the nations of the Portuguese series watch simple atmosphere, rich texture, emphasizing the precision, complexity, elegance of the wristwatch, it is worth having.

Mido Bruner fake of multi-functional chronograph

As the weather turns cold, our style of dress also will become more and more heavy, compared to monotonous but a bit of frigid black and white ash, we may wish to warm their warmth, but also warm people around. In this year’s fashion week, there are also some people do not pick the warm, such as wine red, camel, khaki, beige and so on, people feel autumn and winter is not so cold. As one of the best single-men items, watches can also be very warm, cold steel can not help but see it in every morning, people some cold. This year, mido Bruner series brings a new multi-functional chronograph, not too much decoration, but to balance the design to meet the many watch enthusiasts critical eye. M024.427.36.031.00 watch is warm colors, for this season, adding warmth.



In 2008, mido Bruner series came into being, it advocates the perfect combination of design and practical performance of watchmaking concept, from beginning to end, it is simple and practical features, in the minds of fans of the table was impressed. Compared to mido’s other series of watches, Bruner series as a pragmatist, without too much language, it has been at a glance.

Heart with warmth


Mido Bruner series of multi-functional chronograph

Although the rose gold color in the watch has long been commonplace, but only in the autumn and winter, the young owners can easily control this golden – this represents the luxury replica, power, wealth, color. Mido Bruner series of multi-functional chronograph watchcase made of 316L stainless steel, and in its surface using PVD (physical vapor deposition) process with rose gold, so that it was fine and soft.

Bright dial

A person’s clothes often reflect his inner mood, heart warmth of people, his clothes will be more sunlight, full of pleasant colors. Mido watch the silver watch decorated with corrugated handle, in the light changing light and shadow elegant show. Bright color of the dial, with warm color of the rose gold case and brown strap, as wrist ornaments a single product, its first impression has been so humble.

Simple and practical


Crown and timing button

Throwing simplicity is mido Bruner fake series is an important feature. Watch scale all use the rod-shaped three-dimensional time scale, willow needle design from the classic aesthetic standards. Symmetrical dial, 3 o’clock position for 30 minutes time zone, 9 o’clock position for the small seconds, 12 o’clock position design mido brand logo, 6 o’clock position is displayed in the form of window date. All of these dial layout, are symmetric to the premise of the central axis, so time to read becomes particularly clear and simple.

A hidden calendar adjustment button

In addition, watch all the functions are independent adjustment. Crown to manually winding and adjust the time, crown on both sides of the button is used to start – stop – reset, and the date of calibration, use the case 10 o’clock position of the hidden button adjustment. These interactive design does not interfere with each other, it is the best embodiment of mido watch practicality.

Light luxury experience


Qu Yun ears

Brown calfskin strap

Warmth of the fall and winter, let us feel warm, and taste of light extravagance experience, is our pursuit of a concept of life. Mido watch on the details of the control, just as we understand the quality of life, delicate and delicate, the pursuit of comfortable self-style. Watch case with mercerized polished and polished, light and dark reflection of the unique texture of metal, curved lugs and the middle case with one piece, smooth and natural lines.

Double button folding clasp

PVD plated rose gold stainless steel clasp

Soft wear experience, from the watch used by the dark brown calfskin strap, the surface after embossing treatment, showing the unique crocodile leather strap. High-quality leather strap not only increases the unique quality of the watch charm, but also one of the representative elements of elegant watch, highlighting the men’s calm and capable. Brown strap, the same day with a good clothing accessories in a single product, and Check, camel, ocean blue and other elements with, but also in the fall and winter, reflecting a leisurely style.

Taste of machinery


Automatic mechanical movement

Of course, no matter how you interpret it in the autumn and winter elegance, as a mechanical watch, it is another big charm, is the use of sophisticated mechanical movement. We often see automatic mechanical watch, but its more complex but more easy to use mechanical structure – timing, we always appreciate some ignorant. Mido Bruner series of multi-functional chronograph built-in automatic mechanical movement, through the cam clutch structure, the timing button operation into a mechanical clutch action to achieve the gear meshing and separation, and with the zero bar and the “peach Heart “round to achieve zero. Independent timing structure, it can be associated with the travel time system, let us experience the fun of independent timing. Of course, if you love the machine, then the beautiful grinding, must also be one of your favorite mechanical charm.

Summary: autumn and winter, we use warm to give yourself a good mood, black and white in the retention of the classic gray, more wild color will make our temperament have different interpretations. Mido Bruner series of multi-functional chronograph with bright colors and warm, declaring a new footnote in autumn and winter fashion, simple and practical design as the birth of the original intention of the series, chronograph function to add an independent timing fun. Such a watch, whether as you wish?