Three fashion ladies replica watches recommended

Watch is not a man’s exclusive, a lot of female friends are also very interested in the watch, many brands also have a lot of good ladies watch, most women are more specific to the pursuit of the watch, and that is good-looking beautiful, And with them is also very good-looking, today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three exquisite ladies watch.

Chanel replica PREMIERE series H0451 watch

Watch Diameter: 20 x 26.1 x 7 mm
Movement type: quartz
Case Material: stainless steel case
Waterproof: 30 meters
This Chanel fake PREMIERE series of cheap replica watches, used for the black lacquer dial design, strap used for steel and brown leather interwoven chain, this design fashion and personality. Inside the watch is equipped with a high-precision quartz movement, accurate travel time is guaranteed.

Cartier replica blue balloon series W6920071 watch

Watch diameter: 33 mm
Watch the thickness: 9.96 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case Material: stainless steel
Waterproof: 30 meters
Cartier blue balloon series, a classic series, whether men or women, are fascinated, and today we recommend this classic Cartier blue balloon lady watch, with 33 mm diameter design, precision Steel case and bracelet material to create, durable. Watch the blue steel pointer on the disk with a black Roman numerals to ensure accurate reading time, watch the biggest feature is the cheap replica watches 3 o’clock position of the groove crown design, highly personalized.

Chopard HAPPY DIAMONDS series 278573-3001 watch

Watch diameter: 30 mm
Watch the thickness: 10.95 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: crocodile skin
Waterproof: 30 meters
Watch Reviews: Chopin HAPPY DIAMONDS series to ingenuity of the design will be embedded in the watch on the diamond becomes rich “vitality” in the watch dial on the “casual” slide. This fake watches sale will not only Chopin diamond elements into the watch, and makes the watch “move” up, bright, Smart.
Today, as we recommend the three ladies watch, from the modeling are very beautiful, and in recognition is also very high, as long as the watch is to understand the friends, you can easily identify them, this The price of several watches are less than 50,000, as the choice of high-end ladies watch is good.

Bulgari replica Diagono Magnesium Chronograph

In the Bvlgari series of cheap replica watches, always distinctive Diagono Magnesium watch last year released the perfect show contemporary style of sports watch, immediately in the watch industry occupies a very special position. Diagono series in all sports watch has its own unique style, this high-tech series show a remarkable modern atmosphere. Its inspiration comes from the ancient historical story. Diagono’s name comes from the ancient Greek word ag├┤n – the old word used to describe the competition and efficiency, harmony with the rules of movement, against the brutal violence or any of the characteristics of the overriding; by virtue of behavior to show elegant temperament.

This year, Bvlgari replica for its new Diagono Magnesium series watch coupled with the popular high-level complex features, manual winding chronograph movement, so this bold and full of masculine sports watch immediately emit a unique high-performance charm. And this improvement is also in line with the spirit of the Bulgari Diagono series, so that Diagono Magnesium become a comparable to the top Italian sports car edge of the perfect watch.

The new Diagono Magnesium cheap replica watches (model: 102308 DG42C9SMCVDCH) uses magnesium alloy, high-tech ceramics, Motorlac lacquer, and PEEK (polyether ether ketone) and other high-tech materials case, case diameter 42.5 mm. With the passion of the color, very personalized appearance, show charming charm.

Red, blue and gray four colors to choose from, and the color of the dial color consistent with the case, the red is also very consistent with the movement of the watch to show the style in line with the movement of the watch, . Sang black small dial have a scroll pattern modification; three-point position of small seconds, nine-point position for thirty minutes time disk, six-point position for the twelve-hour time disk. At the same time in the dial four and five points between, with a date display window, easy to read, at a glance.

Stainless steel PVD ceramic crown and black PVD stainless steel chronograph button, crown up and down two shoulder pads to protect the crown. Timing button is polished smooth.

Case thickness of 6.1 mm, the surface of the Motorlac material coating, which is a very dense protective coating, the case can be effectively protected, and more beautiful. Bezel is the use of lightweight, extremely wear-resistant ceramic to create, engraved on its engraved Bulgari English name.

Lugs design extremely angular, with screw bolt and rubber strap links fixed.

Black rubber strap, more dynamic and dynamic. With a PEEK material pin buckle, easy to wear, easy to fall off.

Table bottom to screw bolt fixed on the case, printed with Bulgari name and swiss replica watch information, with 100 meters of water. Bulgari Cal.B130 self-produced manual mechanical movement, vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz), with 42-hour power reserve.

Bvlgari Diagono Magnesium Chronograph high-tech material to fake watches the weight is very light and comfortable to wear, superior color and appearance with 100 waterproof, so that this watch perfect for daily life work, and some non-strenuous exercise Can feel at ease to wear.

Mido Baroncelli replica watches

In life, we are always entering some new environment, for us, this is not new, but for the watch, some of them dare not dare to get involved in the adventure. Running, fitness, skiing, cycling, playing, these daily activities, but challenge the mechanical watch seismic capacity. Mobile phones, computers, flat panel, refrigerator, TV, routers, these common but the electrical, but also challenge the watch’s magnetic properties. We are in it, the body does not matter, but the mechanical watch in the magnetic field and vibration in the deeply affected, seriously wrong when walking. In 2016, Mido and brought a new masterpiece, on behalf of the highest standards of mechanical brand results show mechanical watches can also be accurate and reliable brand concept, which is the Baroncelli silicon gossamer series of long kinetic energy replica watches china. This time, with a metal bracelet watch (model M027.408.11.011.00), we feel the beauty of the “core” power.

At the beginning of this year’s Basel World, although Mido┬áBaroncelli replica collection of commemorative models of ultra-thin watch a bright spot, but really love watch friends, will pay attention to the low-key Baroncelli series another A series of watches – silicon hair long kinetic energy watch. There is no doubt that this is Mido and the existing table, the highest standards of movement watches, but also with the price segment, the most worth buying watch.

Classical architecture to reproduce the elegance of modern elegant watchmaking aesthetics


Baroncelli series of silicon hairspring long kinetic energy watch wrist watch M027.408.11.011.00

Concise and eye-catching dial design

If Mido which watch a series of the most elegant temperament, I think Baroncelli series should be preferred. Mr. Franz Linder, President of Mido Worldwide, highlighted the beauty of the two series, with Baroncelli as the representative of the heritage series, inspired by each classic building is full of spiritual heritage, from the appearance, we and Not easy to find from the watch itself to the figure of these buildings, but in Ya Yun, the same strain.

Inspired by Milan Emanuel II arcade

Smooth lines

The inspiration for the Beau Soleil series of Silicone Gossamer watch series is to find the essence of the Baroque art style from the neo-classical architecture of Emanuel II in Milan and to integrate the artistic sense of traditional Italian architecture To the watch. As a result, the watch is not only smooth lines naturally, while the overall design simple and elegant.

Double bezel

Baroncelli series watch the appearance of streamlined, just as its manifestation of modern watch aesthetics echoes. Watch double metal bezel, Baroncelli series is derived from the legacy of the spirit of classical architectural portrayal, it is Emmanuel II arcade with a layering dome skylight echo echo. In the exquisite modern watchmaking process, these details to release the charming luster.

Open and elegant


The new 7-row metal bracelet is polished

Carry double-button butterfly buckle

Treat the attitude of the watch, as you treat the attitude of time, you can dust it, but can not wear too casual. The Beau Solei series of silicon watch hair long kinetic energy watch for the first time with 7-style metal bracelet, supple and natural, so wear arbitrary. All links are polished to release the delicate metallic finish. Mido for the production of watch detail of the meticulous, as the brand’s intentions of time. Metal bracelet with double-button butterfly clasp, a natural fit and easy to open and easy-going.

Mido’s “core” power


The 6 o’clock position is specially marked

As the opening said, so watch enthusiasts really long-awaited, is the Baroncelli series silicon hair long kinetic energy watch. In the white dial 6 o’clock position, “CHRONOMETER” describes the watch through the Swiss official Observatory certified reliable quality, “CALIBER 80” is the interpretation of the watch up to 80 hours of long kinetic energy advantage.

Silicon hairspring balance plywood inlay 9K gold Si logo

However, this is not the biggest advantage of this watch, and it is not the long-awaited real reason. Turned over the back of the table, we can balance the movement from the plywood, clearly see Mido for this series of specially marked watch “Si” 9K gold logo, with this logo movement, side to carry silicon gossamer beauty The highest standard movement. Silicon material has a very stable physical properties, anti-magnetic, seismic, temperature, corrosion and other advantages make it an excellent material for making hairspring.

Mechanical watch the nature of the upgrade, depending on the quality of the selected materials, as well as the inherent advantages of the structure. These two years in the hundreds of years of time, after numerous advanced exploration, only today, not only the error in a few seconds of high precision, as well as fear of the stability of daily living environment. Midea Baroncelli series of silicon hairspring long kinetic energy watch, in a very acceptable price range, gave us the most accurate “time.”