Chanel J12 MIRROR fake watches

The real classic is to go before the times. J12 is a boat in the history of the international race to win the glory of countless sailing, it represents the elegance, precision and courage. Inspired by the legendary history of this sailing ship, the Chanel replica J12 series of watches from this name. Sometimes charming, sometimes the Variety of the sun’s demon Ji: Chanel J12 MIRROR fake watches, it is to come to the fore. Limited edition of 1200 pieces. Official model: H4862

Chanel J12 MIRROR replica watches cohesion of the brand founder Jabalier • Chanel values ​​respected: bold ideas, innovative, simple pure, neutral temperament, elegant style.

Whether in the daily work, or to attend the dinner, or casual recreational movement, white flawless 38 mm J12 MIRROR watches are very suitable. In exquisite and elegant among the distribution of a vitality.

Watch the use of a single direction of rotation of the bezel design, played to remind the role of diving time, so you know how long you can stay in the water in order to return to the water in time. Water depth of 200 meters.

Watch inlaid sapphire crystal glass mirror, white decorative central decorative dial, minimalist style of decoration, interpretation of the meticulous, simple and luxurious.

Dial on the mirror design is very unique, can be white digital time scale, mapped to the mirror above the dial in the digital display as the mirror Phantom. Wrist of every move, so that the effect of shiny dial mirror eye-catching.

White high-tech precision ceramic case with silver steel bezel, a touch of pure bright color to express a simple style of simple proposition.

A screw-in crown, the watch firmly locked to prevent water through the crown into the movement.

Ceramic bracelet as if the second layer of skin-like fit wrist, the natural sense of the body temperature, unlike the metal material is so chilled.
Triple folding steel buckle, easy to wear, safe and reliable.

Stainless steel bottom cover with 8 screws, not only visually beautiful, but also increased the safety of the watch. Internal self-winding mechanical movement to provide 42-hour power reserve watch.

Summary: Chanel J12 MIRROR fake watches like a veritable style declaration, and sometimes she was vibrant, and sometimes her elegant demure, amazing style is its unique charm.