Hublot Big Bang Bavaria Watch Bronze Award for Oktoberfest

Every year in Munich, these beers are filled (and refilled) and men wear their short leather breeches to celebrate the Oktoberfest. This year, Cheap Hublot Replica Watches joined the local tanner, Meindl, to celebrate the event, creating the distinctive Bavarian incarnation of its popular Big Bang watch, which has a variety of versions produced in various collaborations. The Hublot Big Bang Bavaria is the first Big Bang with a bronze case. It looks like the simplicity and color of this material matches the Bund-style hand-embroidered deerskin strap, reminiscent of traditional Bavarian clothing.

Bronze is becoming more and more popular as a watchmaking material, and its unique retro look and unique patina develop over time. Hublot’s “Full Art” design concept is here, with a mix of materials such as 18k polished gold screws, providing subtle visual contrast from a brushed bronze case and a matte black cutout. A green splash on the second and minute tracks helps to connect the dial to the green embroidered deer head of the decorative strap. Defeat Hublot’s Unico movement in Big Bang Bavaria, which provides flyback chronograph complications and 72-hour power reserve.

The dial of Big Bang Bavaria is very three-dimensional, from the floating Hublot Replica Watches logo on the sapphire to the exposed date ring, with a distinct aperture at 3 o’clock. Both the hour and minute hands are filled with luminescent material towards the tip and partially cut off at the bottom to better show the exposed gear of the Hublot Unico movement. Combined with the large use of lume for hour markers, chronograph hands, quarter-hour “points” in the minute register, and hour “points” on the hour register should give good night readability. The contrast between gold and black also seems to make Big Bang Bavaria one of the more readable models recently released by Hublot.

Of course, Big Bang Bavaria hosted an event at the boutique in Hublot Replica, Munich. LVMH watch director Jean-Claude Biver and company CEO Ricardo Guadalupe joined Marcus Meindl to shoot kegs and take pictures. Since 1683, Meindl has been a family-run tanner and boot manufacturer who has been operating in the Kirchanschöring plant in Bavaria for more than 300 years. The straps of each watch are hand-crafted using the family’s ancestral techniques, and each deer takes three to four months to tan. The traditional sewing method produces a three-dimensional effect on the deer head badge, which helps to enhance the overall texture and visual appeal of the watch.

The Bund strap was originally invented for use by German pilots during the Second World War to prevent the case from freezing or burning the wearer’s skin at high altitudes or in a fire in the cockpit. In addition to providing another link to local history, this style strap is also perfectly matched with a bronze watch to prevent oxidation from turning the wearer’s skin green, although Fake Hublot Watches has catered to those who wish to replace the strap with a non-Bund replacement. . Black ceramic bottom cover. Hublot’s “One Click” accessory system also includes a second strip (not shown) that can be easily interchanged to provide a slightly dress-up look in “altsalzburg” (black-brown) colored buckskin and oak leaf embroidery. The clasp is made of black PVD titanium with a brushed bronze unfolding clasp that provides a modern feel to Old World aesthetics.

The size of Hublot Big Bang Bavaria will be a difficult point for some people. Hublot’s Big Bang watch has been worn with a 45mm case, and the Bund strap makes the watch look bigger on the wrist. That being said, the buckskin used here was handcrafted by Meindl’s craftsmen to achieve a velvety soft texture and to help it wear more comfortably. This piece also offers a strong vintage atmosphere and a true connection to the history of Bavaria, which should appeal to German culture lovers or anyone who wants to decorate their Lederhosen for the Oktoberfest or any Bavarian theme. The Swiss Hublot Watches Big Bang Bavaria is limited to 100 pieces and costs 27,900 euros.