Hublot Big Bang MECA-10 Watch Hands

The Hublot Big Bang MECA-10 features a modern 45mm wide Big Bang case (waterproof 100m), two versions in 2016, a non-limited natural titanium case and a limited edition 500 piece “all black” ceramic case. Both use sandblasted textures that add to the industrial look of Hublot Replica Watches. In addition, the latter’s black ceramic model is said to be part of the 10th anniversary of Hublot’s celebration of its “all black” watch concept.

When the mainspring is wound, the frame moves to the left side of the dial; when the motion ends, it gradually moves to the right. I have never seen anything similar in motion, I found it very cool. On the main barrel is a circular plate with a series of “H-shaped” Hublot Replica screws. The bridge is either matte black or silver-plated, in stark contrast to the depth of the body and the enticing angle of view.

Accuracy becomes a major issue when it comes to movements with this level of power reserve, as the torque curve can be noticeable as the main power is decelerated. This basically means that the accuracy can vary greatly unless there is a proper system to handle. Best Hublot Replica Watches does not mention any specific content, but the power reserve may actually exceed 10 days, and the movement will automatically stop before the torque becomes too low. We know that the movement of the movement is 3 Hz (21,600 bph), which is about the average for this type of motion.