Hublot replica watch is completely conceived and developed internally. It is a skeleton mechanical movement with manual winding and 10 day power reserve. There are 223 parts, straight and curved perforated metal belts, crown wheels, racks, plates, shafts and ratchets. An original component with super style machinery, it will make you want to go directly to your workbench to build and dismantle it again and again. This work draws inspiration from our childhood memories, when our days were full of games and excitement to build and create small machines and structures.



The innovative structure and skeleton dial reveal the detailed mechanics of the hublot big bang replica watches movement. This familiar and atypical design is designed to create a bold and original power reserve machine overlap. The 10 day power reserve allows the mechanism to be designed in manual mode to further strengthen the connection between people and machines.

The movement of hublot big bang replica watch is equipped with two parallel cylinders with a power reserve indicator using a rack system. At 12 o’clock, due to the rack and pinion system, the two racks slide on the shaft from 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock. The 10 day power reserve has dual displays. At 3 o’clock, in the last two days of the campaign, a red dot gradually emerged from an opening. At 6 o’clock, the crown gears marked 0 to 10 represent the remaining days of power reserve. The adjuster can be seen under the dial at the 7 o’clock position, which perfectly reflects the Meccano style. A powerful movement, due to its impressive power reserve, will develop under the temporary rise of add ons.

Hublot Big Bang replica watch MECA-10 black Magic with a diameter of 45 mm is made of black ceramics that have been micro sandblasted and polished. It is equipped with a matte black skeleton dial and a sapphire glass back plate, giving the new HUB1201 manufacturing movement a double-sided visual effect. The “one button” strap is covered with ribbed black natural rubber.

Technical specifications:

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Diameter: 45 mm 15.95mm

Thickness: 15.95 mm

Waterproof: 10 ATM (100 meters)


Micro sandblasting black ceramics


Micro sandblasting black ceramics

Border lugs:

Black composite resin

Transverse inserts:

Black composite resin

Screw « H »:

Polishing and micro spraying titanium


Sapphire, Hublot logo printed inside, anti reflection treatment

an crown:

Satin and micro sprayed titanium, black rubber insert

Box back:

Micro sandblasting black ceramics

Glass on the back of the housing:

Internal anti reflection treatment of sapphire


Cushion black skeleton

Satin rhodium plated decal, white glow


Satin rhodium plated white glow


Caliber Hublot HUB1201

Type: Manufacturing manual winding skeleton power supply

Size: diameter 34.80mm, thickness 6.80mm

Number of components: 223

Gem: 24

Frequency: 3 Hz (21’600 A/h)

Power reserve:~10 days


Black structured lined rubber strap

Buckle: black ceramic and black titanium plated deployable buckle

Hublot Big Bang Unico Golf Replica Watches

The hublot replica watch in the short film is the “Hublot Big Bang Unico Golf Replica Watches” newly launched by Hublot replica this year. It is specially designed for golf and can resist the hitting speed of 300 km / h. The escapement mechanism and chain system of the movement have excellent shockproof performance.

The 45mm case is made of “Texas” (aluminized carbon fiber) and weighs only 97.93g. It ensures that the watch is light and comfortable to wear and avoids affecting the player’s swing.

The most special feature of this hublot replica watch is that it can record the “number of strokes” in golf matches – press the “shot” button at 2 o’clock to start the “swing number display mechanism”, and the digital window at 3 o’clock on the dial will record each swing in total; When the player starts the next hole, press the “hole” button at 4 points to reset the current number of strokes; The “total” number window at 6 o’clock on the dial will record the total number of strokes in the game, which can be reset by pressing the button at 8 o’clock.

Equipped with mhub1580 automatic chain movement, based on Unico self-made movement, the swing frequency is 28800vph, providing 72 hours of power storage.

What is Hublot Big Bang 44 ‘Original’ replica Watch

In modern times, few replicawatches are as subversive and defining as the Hublot replica watches explosion. I spent a lot of time writing about the Hublot Big Bang replica watches, but until now I haven’t really reviewed the Hublot Big Bang 44 replica watch. Many of the original designs are still in production, so although this watch represents the original design, it is recently produced. In my comments, I also talked with Jean Claude bifer about the big bang because it was his first major release under the leadership of Hublot. Today, the “Big Bang” is undoubtedly the most famous watch model in the post-2000 era. Its masculine and polarized design highly reflects the luxury of our modern era, and soon received the opinions of fans and opponents.

Hublot Big Bang 44 ‘Original’ replica Watch

Hublot Big Bang 44 ‘Original’ replica Watch

A few years ago, beaver told me that when he bought the company, he lost millions of dollars a year (I guess the price is very high). In 2004, he officially became CEO. In 2005, his radical plan to reform the brand began with the big bang. The design is based on the classic porthole sports watch case founded by Hublot, but it is a new generation design with bold size, strong design and masculine spirit. More importantly, this watch is to reflect Mr. beaver’s famous marketing slogan “the art of integration” for Hublot replica. This clever slogan more or less means that Hublot watches integrate material, texture, color and aesthetics. Today, Hublot can easily be regarded as a pioneer in adding a large number of previous “non luxury” materials to the conventional parts of high-end watches.

One day, I found a particularly unusual Limited Edition campanola watch for Japanese citizens, which was being sold by a person not far from me. This guy wants a little more than I can spend, but I want to see my watch for myself and see if I like it as much as I like it in the picture. So I arranged to meet him in his apartment. I still remember that when I walked to his house, I had a strange feeling that I was about to enter a stranger’s house, perhaps to buy a high-end watch. How young and naive I am… These days I meet strangers all over the world and touch their replica watches.

When I walked into the dentist’s house, the first thing I noticed was a glass display cabinet filled with small commercial aircraft models. ““ Watch people are eccentric collectors, “that’s what I remember saying to myself. The man asked me to sit on his dark brown leather sofa and bring the citizen kampanola watch I came here to see. This work has a very strange art and a very Japanese market style design. I like it a little, but I don’t like it, especially because it is a high-end quartz watch, and I know few people will appreciate its artistic value like me. This wisdom is still applicable to today’s high-end JDM (Japanese domestic market) hublot replica watches, which have a sense of art.

Hublot big bang replica watch 44 reference (there is also a 41 mm wide model of the same style) what I review here is actually the same model I showed in the dentist’s living room ten years ago. Now it’s on my wrist, although it’s one of the many Hubble clocks I wear on my wrist. The last time I reviewed habelot is the spiritual successor of Hublot Big Bang replica (just a more modern and technically interesting model). It is the solo watch of habelot’s big bang. Nevertheless, big bang 44 has a unique appearance and wearing experience. Compared with the big bang Unicom, this early model is simpler and smaller, which actually feels more classic (technically).

The big bang replica watch was 44 mm wide and relatively thick. It was deliberately worn very large. But it’s comfortable. If you like its appearance, but feel that the solemn 44mm wide case is too big, the 41mm wide version is actually not too bad. If you are troubled by a larger clock, I will strongly consider trying to see your idea in the 41mm wide big bang. The housing (consisting of 257 parts) has a flat argon coated sapphire crystal and ceramic baffle. It can also be waterproof for 100 meters and its hair thickness is more than 14 mm. It looks like a sports watch and has similar functions.

Cheap Hublot Big Bang replica never intended to make the big bang fit everyone – of course not. Considering the breadth of design and marketing activities before and after the big bang, it’s easy to find many angles you don’t like (I mean Collection). Having said that, if you look closely at the various big bang 44 models released by Hublot Big Bang replica, I’m sure most watch lovers will find that at least one has attracted them. Then all they need to do is afford it. This reference Hublot big bang 44 replica watch costs $156.