Hublot Big Bang UNICO Ferrari Watch Updated For 2016

At the end of 2016, Hublot just announced an interesting update, which is the brand’s most important partner, Ferrari. Three new models showcase some of the exterior changes of the Big Bang Ferrari casing, putter and dial, which Cheap Hublot Replica Watches says is inspired by the Ferrari itself.

Hublot Replica announced their relationship with Ferrari in 2011 and released the first batch of Hublot Big Bang UNICO Ferrari watches in 2012. Later, in 2014, I reviewed a version of the Hublot Big Bang Ferrari watch here. The 2016 Hublot Big Bang UNICO Ferrari watch continues this successful theme, but its appearance clearly blends the beauty of Ferrari’s car details – a good thing.

Perhaps the most striking new element of the 2016 Hublot Big Bang UNICO Ferrari watch is the thoroughly redesigned and refined dial – the dial is mostly sapphire crystal in the refined view of the sport. This 60-minute timed sub-dial, including an integrated date indicator, is inspired directly from the unique tachometer on the Ferrari dashboard. This is a cool design, I think any fan of Ferrari will like it. Hublot Replica Watches also provided new timing markers and pointers and moved the position of the Ferrari hopping horse to 6 o’clock. From Hublot’s point of view, the newcomers’ hands are brand new, and I have to wait until I see them making the final judgments. The same principle applies to the “rotation” style of hours, which is positioned in a circular manner rather than in the same way. I tend to like the layout of the original timing numbers, but as I said, I will wait for the watch to have the final thoughts. All in all, this dial is undoubtedly the most car-like of the Ferrari’s big-bang watches to date.

You’ll also notice the new bezel design, which has a countersunk notch for the bezel screws. This is more “design” than the traditional Hublot Big Bang border, and it doesn’t look too bad. Traditionalists may prefer existing styles at first, but I think the new style has its advantages, and new things may take some time to attract loyal fans.

The design update for my favorite 2016 Hublot Big Bang UNICO Ferrari watch is crown and push. The Crown keeps its neat twist and lock system from the previous but has an updated look. The old version of the pusher was cool, but now it’s more streamlined and set in the box. Inspired by the pedals of the Ferrari, the car has two red stripes on the top. Although you can’t see it in any photo, the other side of the box now has a “Ferrari” on the left side of the box.

Overall, the case size is 45 mm wide (water resistant to 100 m) without change, of course, the housing retains a useful quick release button that is placed in the ear strap structure. You still need to get a replacement or replacement belt directly from Fake Hublot Watches because the belt connection system is proprietary. The interior of the watch is an existing and robust internal manufacturing UNICO mechanical movement. The automatic motion has a return chronograph (with column wheel drive) running at 4 Hz with 72 hours of power reserve. The tray fork and escapement are made of silicon. In general, I was very happy with it when I tested this action in the past.

The first run of these latest Hublot Big Bang Ferrari watches will be represented by three limited editions. The first is to reference 402.NX.0123. WR’s titanium is limited to 1,000 pieces and is priced at $26,200. Next is the reference to 402.QU.0113. The black carbon WR (which looks like black ceramic, but I will see it later as a kind of carbon) is limited to 500 pieces and sells for $28,300. Finally, the reference is 402.QU.0113. 18k gold (basically red gold), limited to 500 pieces, the price is 42,000 US dollars.

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