Hublot Classic Fusion Kobe Bryant ‘HeroVillain’ Watch Hands

Each of the three limited edition watches that Hublot has co-produced celebrates Kobe Bryant’s personality. It started in 2013, when Hublot Replica Watches and Kobe Bryant announced King Power Black Mamba (hands here). As the staff participated in the event, I expressed my congratulations to Mr. Bryant on the relationship and made a mistake when referring to Nubeo. Nubeo is a brand with great potential in the end of 2000, suffered after the economic collapse. A fatal blow. After my comment, I realized that Bryant might lose money because of part of the test. This is a painful topic. I mostly mention it because I am a true fan of this brand of products, and I think his participation is a manifestation of his appreciation and taste of high-end watches.

In addition to the gold on the case and bezel, the most important change is the addition of a stylized three-dimensional black Mamba serpent statue on the dial. This is a Kobe Bryant watch, so it must be there. The back of the watch is printed with the “HV” Hero Villain logo on the bottom cover of the sapphire crystal showcase. Attached to the strap is a “sticky” python strap – this is professional. Hublot Replica likes to make soft rubber-lined belts outside. It offers the best of both worlds, comfort and ease of cleaning, such as rubber, leather, fabric, crocodile skin, and now, the visual appeal of black python.

Inside the watch is the movement HUB1311 automatic movement, which is a basic movement with internal modules for calendar and moon phase functions. The layout is designed to mimic the classic “triple calendar” look, with two adjacent windows at 12 o’clock and the day of the week and month, followed by a date dial above 6 o’clock. On that dial is a moon phase indicator, almost everything except the hand and hour markers are hollow. The dial is even a sapphire crystal. The appearance tries to marry the old and new. It is clear and easy to read, bringing a sleek classic look to the modern Best Hublot Replica Watches brand. The movement operates at 4 Hz and the power reserve is approximately 42 hours.