Hublot Classic Fusion Kobe Bryant ‘HeroVillain’ Watch Hands

Recently, in Los Angeles, Cheap Hublot Replica Watches helped shape the ambassador to Los Angeles, Kobe Bryant, to celebrate his 20-year retirement from the Los Angeles Lakers. Tonight, when his carefully planned retirement plan was selected on another box, the amiable next-door girl appeared. KOB16 is only suitable for him (and 23 other people).

Hublot celebrates Kobe’s personality with three limited edition watches. It all goes back to 2013, when Herblot and Kobe Bryant announced the “Black Mamba”. In the presence of all the staff, I congratulated Kobe on the relationship, but when I made a mistake, when I mentioned Nubeo, I didn’t chat with him. Nubeo is a brand with great potential and suffered a fatal blow after the economic crisis. After my comment, I realized that Kobe is likely to lose money, which is a painful topic. The reason I mention this is mainly because I am a big fan of the brand’s products, and regard his participation as a sign that he appreciates the watch and taste.

Kobe didn’t want to invest his resources in the watch brand. He probably made a wise choice and chose to work with a strong partner like Fake Hublot Watches. After Kobe Bryant, he also became the official watchmaker of the Los Angeles Lakers. The brand first used the black Mamba watch to examine Kobe’s on-court personality – influenced by one of Kobe’s several nicknames. In 2015, we went to the Napa Valley wine country to see Kobe Bryant’s Big Bang Unico counter-timer – Kobe “Vino” Brian The release of the Kobe Bryant watch. As his career draws to a close, a more calm and mature Kobe wants to celebrate his “Vino” name in a suitable way.

In the 2016 limited edition Hublot Replica classic fusion version of “Hero”, Kobe Bryant is either the third or the last of the trilogy. For Kobe, I believe this watch is not only to celebrate the end of his career, but also the legacy and personality he left behind. In my opinion, as a sentimental person, Kobe is thinking about whether he will be remembered because of his heroic determination, or that he sometimes succeeds at the expense of other considerations that may belong to the “villain” side. way.

Kobe said that he does not rule out going back to sports in the future, but I think he is ready to take a break after a full 20 years of basketball career. This passionate person seems to be eager to focus and focus on somewhere else – although he has not figured out what it is.

Kobe humbly admitted that he was not a good designer and did not design his watch. Instead, he conveys a vision, a story, and an emotion that he hopes to incorporate into his watch and attribute the artistry of Hublot’s artist to the final product. It’s great to see him open and honest about the design process and express his heartfelt appreciation for how the brand handles the relationship between them – a relationship that is important to the stars because he really cares about watches.

Hublot’s classic fusion Kobe Bryant “big villain” watch appeared in the 4500-meter-wide black ceramic classic fusion case. A little spice was added when using the 18k rose gold dial appliqué and the Hublot “H” screw on the frame and lugs. At the bottom of it, the watch is Hublot’s classic fusion of atmospheric nuclear fusion moon stage black magic.

In addition to the gold and borders on the box, the main change is the addition of a stylized three-dimensional black Mamba statue on the dial. This is Kobe Bryant’s watch, so it must be there. On the back of the watch is his “HV” hero villain logo printed on the back window of the Sapphire Crystal exhibition. Tied to the belt is a “rubber band” python strap – and it is very skilled. Hublot Replica Watches prefers a soft rubber lining with a leather belt on the outside. It offers the best of both worlds, comfortable and easy to clean like rubber, with visual appeal to leather, fabric, crocodile, and now, black python.

Inside the watch is the automatic movement of the aperture HUB1311, which is a basic movement, the internal module is used for calendar and moon phase functions. This layout is intended to mimic the appearance of the classic “triple calendar”, which has two adjacent windows, below 12 o’clock, with a day of the week and month, followed by a date dial of 6 or more. In this dial is a moon phase indicator, except for pointers and timing markers, almost everything is compressed. Even the dial is a sapphire crystal. This expression tries to combine with the old and the new. It is clearly legible and gives the modern Swiss Hublot Watches brand a sleek classic look. The motion is run at 4 Hz with a power reserve of approximately 42 hours.

He was obviously happy when Kobe saw Kobe Bryant’s classic combination on his wrist. This is cool, because on such occasions, even Kobe may be the first time to see this watch in real life. This is a good time for Kobe to retire with the water he hopes. Of course, there are also things that can add points to the equation for “heroes”. The question is whether Hublot will continue to be part of his personality – I think, for now, it will be. Limited edition 24 pieces price reference 517.CX.0180.PR Kobe Bryant’s classic mix and match version of “Hero” (hero villain) watch worth $ 20,400.