HUBLOT Replica Big Bang Soul Moon Phase Watch

HUBLOT  table full of love for the color, the blue, purple, orange and pink into the new Big Bang soul moon phase watch. Matching straps, quartz dials, sandblasted moon discs, pointers, time readings and gemstone inlaid bezels are given the same color, for this monochrome watch series to create a lifelike visual tone.

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Belonging to the summer of the dense light and colorful colors are always fascinated by people. Hublot replica amazon table into one, the glamor of the moon into the colorful colors of the season: dark blue for the tannin lovers and set; purple is eye-catching, but hidden in the mysterious moonlight night; orange full of vitality, People can not help but remember the moment of joy; pink like a rose-like dream, showing a rich sense of happiness.
Big Bang soul series moon phase watch has a signature 42 mm barrel-type case, the wearer can be clearly observed through the sapphire crystal mirror HUB1770 automatic winding hollow movement. The Hublot replica watches dial is upgraded to high temperature fused silica (SiO2) and alumina (Ai2O3) quartz, quartz through the “rare earth material” mixture for coloring. Dial Mohs hardness index of 7, it is easy to see that if you want to complete such a dial, the special cutting technology and material development of the mastery is indispensable.

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Monochrome style extends to every detail: translucent sandblasted dial shows two rounds of alternating moon patterns, the moon pattern covered with the corresponding tone. The distinctive colors make the fascinating moon phase change even more compelling. The moon disc runs at 6 o’clock and completes every two lunar months.

Watch for the two-pin style, the central pointer to indicate hours and minutes, 9 o’clock position with independent small seconds, 12 o’clock and 3 o’clock position between the large calendar display device. Titanium or gold gold watch body alternately polished, satin brushed and other processes, changing the details of thousands of people memorable, highlighting the sense of the geometry of the hublot replica ebay watch. Bezel set with 48 blue, orange or pink sapphires, or amethyst. Strap with the same color short crocodile skin lined with black natural rubber. Water depth of about 100 meters underwater, power reserve up to 50 hours.

A really have a wonderful watchmaking process and complex features of the watch products were born this.

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Big Bang soul series moon phase watch technical parameters
serial number
647.NX.5371.LR.1206 (Titanium Orange)
647.NX.7371.LR.1233 (Titanium Powder)
647.NX.4771.LR.1205 (Titanium Violet)
647.NX.5171.LR.1201 (Titanium Dark Blue)
647.OX.5381.LR.1206 (Wang Jin Orange)
647.OX.7381.LR.1233 (Wang Jinfen)
647.OX.4781.LR.1205 (wang jin violet)
647.OX.5181.LR.1201 (Wang Jin Shen Lan)
Diameter 45 mm
Thickness of 13.80 mm
Waterproof depth of 10 standard atmospheric pressure (about 100 meters underwater)
Satin wire drawing and polishing titanium (titanium)
Satin wire drawing and polishing 18K Wang Jin (Wang Jin)
Polished steel (titanium)
Polished 18K Wang Jin (Wang Jin section)
Inlaid 48 orange, pink or blue sapphires, or amethyst (purple)
6 H-type titanium metal screws
Table mirror sapphire mirror anti-glare coating
Back of the table
Satin surface treatment of titanium and sapphire mirror (titanium)
Satin brushed handle 18K Wang Jin and sapphire mirror (Wang Jin)
Dial orange or pink or purple or blue quartz dial
Movement HUB1770 self-winding hollow large calendar moon camera core
Date 1:30 o’clock position window
Number of parts 228 (27 gemstone bearings)
Vibration frequency 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations / hour)
Power storage is about 50 hours
Orange or pink or purple or blue short crocodile skin lined with black natural rubber strap
Stainless steel folding clasp (titanium)
18K Wang Jinhe black steel folding clasp (Wang Jin)