Hublot replica classic fusion timing “independent Italian” watch

The pattern of clothing material has always been the eternal topic of fashion theme watch design, mainly reflected in the watch strap design, making a simple strap more sense of perception and design sense, for the wearer’s wrist charm extra points. In 2014, the famous Swiss brand Hublot launched a cowboy style big bang watch, and other brand fashion watch is different, this time, Hublot with a unique process to suppress the denim fabric on the dial, and cowboy strap perfect Integration, is also the trend of fashion and watchmaking skills for the watch design to bring a freshness. After each year, Hublot will be popular fashion design into the watch, so that the magic of the series will always maintain a fresh sense of the times and design. 2017, Hublot once again followed the fashion pulse, launched a new Hublot classic fusion timing “independent Italy” watch, generous and retro lattice decoration, full of full flavor design, so that the release of the unprecedented release of extraordinary energy , Attracted numerous envy eyes.

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Fashion Sven and bohemian
To thousands of birds, Wales, Scotland and other patterns as a watch dial and watch the decoration, showing an unparalleled elegance, showing the brand for the wearer to create “so naturally natural chic!” Integration of brand-specific watchmaking skills, but also has always been booming Hublot table into a sense of fashion and Sven, highlight the men’s diverse feelings and style full of charm.

Interpretation of the beauty of alternative fashion

Hublot classic fusion timing “independent Italian” watch

45mm Wang gold case
After polished polished, 45 mm Hublot patent gold gold case showing a delicate and full of color, very beautiful. Wang Jinji circle is the first through the drawing after grinding, show another kind of material to enjoy, and smooth the perfect fusion of the case, showing luxury and exquisite style.

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Wang Jin crown and timing button
With the king of the crown material engraved Hublot LOGO design, for the watch to add a brand exclusive charm. The use of non-slip texture design, so that the wearer in the debugging time is not smooth operation, is very convenient.

Color square wool fabric dial
Made of sartoria Rubinacci color square wool fabric dial, full of design. Gold three-dimensional time scale and the central pointer against each other, making the time indicator clear and intuitive. With chronograph, 30 minutes timer and date display window function, for the watch to provide outstanding practical performance.
Movement of the beauty

HUB1143 movement
Through the sapphire crystal glass back cover, the movement of the appearance of the front, exquisite hollow pendulum decorated Yu-ship LOGO pattern, full of perception. Equipped with Yu-hua HUB1143 self-winding movement, to protect the time travel time accurate, power reserve for 42 hours.

Color square wool fabric strap
Color box wool fabric strap, selected from the top custom suit material it shows a unique luxury, a sense of type. Connect a gold folding clasp, can be a good protection watch wrist safe, easy to fall off, very reliable.

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Hublot classic fusion timing “independent Italian” watch
Summary: neither too bold nor too light, slightly sports wind, color and lively decoration is not only for the dial design to bring a fresh design sense, and enhance the overall style of the watch style, coupled with the brand Patented Wang Jin case set off, so that a classic integration of Hublot “independent Italian” watch, both fashionable and elegant and gentle, showing the modern city men’s extraordinary taste and trend of fashion, for the wearer’s wrist to provide a Full of quality and graceful partner.