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ARMANI ARMANI watches knowledge: from wearing the watch

1, electronic word table

You use this kind of watch, because you are not a reservation, do you like “the real thing,” all things you have to “trivial pursuit”. You are not interested in abstract concepts, able to attract your attention things must be handled, can see, or hear. Your partner or spouse will advise you don’t know the life interest, but you don’t understand what he (she) in speaking, because of interest for you is really a too abstract concepts.

2, alarm clock,

You are a man of responsible person for things, sometimes, it has nothing to do with you, you will step in to do it. As a result, your schedule was full. One day, you d find a completely on your own time. You don’t think I’m smart, but you must be hard work, and indeed the and tireless efforts to bring you a little achievement. In people’s mind, you belong to moderate, so have a problem, they will come to your help, and you are ready to help others. Do you have a positive outlook on life, but you have to remember to make time to have a chance to relax, to maintain the physical and Armani Replica mental health.

3 shows the time, around the table

You is a man like the ropes in front of people, you want people to feel you knowledgeable, insightful, to respect you. On the job, you know how to make, make the boss appreciate you, but your colleagues appreciation would not necessarily your work attitude, they may even collective against you. You need a partner to respect you, will you all the time in the first place, but you should reflect on whether or not you equal treatment for partner?

4, pocket watch

Other people may think that you lack period flavor, is an old, but you are acting, walking with you think comfortable pace to life. You belong to, a romantic s arrived today, you still choose to communicate your message through letters, rather than abuse of the telephone. You cherish the private space and time, very against unreasonable harassment. What do you think of to do every thing there is a right time, you are the most opposed to worth-while hastily. For you are interested in something, you definitely will use time to study and seek, and you show that attitude is quality over quantity.

Five famous brand watch, famous brand watch to foil name brand clothes, the intention is, of course, as your status. You are very pay attention to their own projection image, you want the price expensive decoration can conceal inner shortcomings. The most ironic thing is that: although wore expensive watches, but you always don’t change the bad habit of unpunctuality. Or in addition to the pursuit of famous brand, you need to for his own life to find a more substantive focus, then you will know more cherish myself and family time.

6, on the list

In science and technology developed, everything toward automation s, insist on wearing need chain watch on you, every day must belong to the minority. Some people will think you deliberately do STH unconventional or unorthodox, in fact, in addition to this, you are actually very much like to do things with your hands. When you’re free, you can repair household items, even decorate household. In dealing with people, you embrace “way different, do not to make” attitude, you only let you like of the person close to you, you never bother to accommodate others, because the mountain will make you think people distortion. You also believe that Fake Armani Watch no pain, no gain. No pains, no gains, you will not despair of life, just focus on doing their own thing.

7, don’t wear a watch

You is a man who refused to be bound, you are loners, life on your own schedule. You hate to socialize, think the time should be spent on more really. Do you have your own a set of way of doing things, you want to be not too much interference. Besides, when they saw the results, will agree with your approach is right. Some people will criticize you are too self, you don’t mind, also see it as a noble virtue.