Insights GMT replica ± display

Today, the “Earth Air” (often by plane from people around the world) more and more, then they need a table can be displayed simultaneously in two places, and to keep abreast of the time and place to go to, or know you leave time and place. With the watch with this feature you can accurately plan their journeys better organize their time and improve efficiency. Based on this background, based on a geographical difference, with a very humane GMT replica ± display watch appeared.
The so-called GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) refers to Greenwich Mean Time. Greenwich Observatory in Greenwich, London is the site of the British capital. From the early 19th century, and from around the world become more frequent, Continental Europe, the Americas and Asia have their own time zone, in order to avoid confusion, representatives of States in 1884 an international conference was held in Washington. Chosen by agreement Greenwich in London as the center of global time, Greenwich mean time and thus was born, after the Greenwich meridian of the Earth is determined to be 0 degrees, while the principle of division of the world and thus also the time of the birth. The principle of division of the Earth is actually a world time longitude division, which is defined as the surface of the Earth with little connection angle between the plane of polarization and 0 degrees longitude location to about 0 degrees longitude reference extension. Indeed longitude is the angle between the plane of the two warp, so that you can distinguish each region on Earth, and thus the time zone around the division, longitude difference of 1 every 15 hours by this way it can be divided according to all the major cities around the world every 15 longitude, which is a difference of one hour as Beijing is GMT + 8.1249
1. The most commonly seen is 24 – 24 hour display pointer figures 1-24 1-24 print or display panel digital display local time. This pointer or the display panel can be adjusted to align local time. Such display includes a pointer, retrograde type and window type three;

2. The dual time zone display – two small dial features two hours of needle to display the time. The two time display illustrates just one is your local time, and the other is your departure time. Of course, I’ve also seen the appearance of too many time zones, that is to say there are more than two times display a small dial, the appearance of these belong to extend dual time zones;

3. The display world – both sides combined 24 I mentioned display or dual time zone display, there has been the world’s major cities abbreviation place names displayed. Such display is the most humane, you can keep track of time around the world, in order to determine your schedule.

Girard Perregaux watch series male traveler series of large calendar moon phase watch is displayed when the pointer 24, located at the 4:00 position of table disk. When the speed of rotation of the pointer 24 is rotated every 24 hours a week, its speed is driven by the realization of the wheel 24, and 24 when the wheel when the wheel is rotating every 12 hours a week of driving. This is indicative of a circular arrangement of needles 1-24 digits represent the 24 display. Can be seen from the diagram and an exploded view of the movement, this pointer is designed to be able to adjust, of course, to do this requires a corresponding set of 24 means.

I mentioned earlier the pointer 24 is displayed, this display type is set in a circular digital layout. According functional integrity requirements retrograde type display 24 is not uncommon. This type of display is to 1-24 digital distribution sector, and its implementation in general, there are two, one is a combination of movement of the cam lever, and the second is the lack of movement in combination with the scroll spring teeth. Longines Mingjiang series L2.739.4.71.3 cheap swiss replica watches of this type, this display should be noted that the area of ​​digital distribution sector should be as large and wide, the wearer look more convenient time information.

This display mode for the display 24 is relatively rare, I remember only have such a display in Athens (and perhaps others). I first met Athens dual time zone watch 42 mm small second series 246-55 / 32 best copy watches display at 9 o’clock 24-bit mistaken calendar display window, and with the common calendar to show very much alike. I saw the structure of this section 24, the principle is similar to the annular calendar display mechanism, which means that a gear ring printed with numbers from 1 to 24, by the control system transformation. Of course, we need to adopt a window of the dial face to show you the location of point in time.

Dual Time Cartier launched the Tank A Vis Series W1537651 cheap replica watches are equipped belongs to the classic structure. It uses three crown gear to achieve a conversion function dual time zone adjustment – first gear: winding function and dual time zone neutral position; a second gear: a first time zone adjustment; third gear: second time zone adjustment.