IWC replica Olympics watches

IWC replica Olympics watches

August 2016, the Olympic Games will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, held a grand, this is the first modern Olympic Games arrived in South America. Olympic birth and development, and constantly inspire people to challenge themselves enthusiasm and spirit of hard work. As the father of Olympic Coubertin said: “The Olympic Games is not the most important victory, but participation; in life the most important thing is not success, but the struggle; but the most essential is not to conquer, but to have fought.” In advanced watchmaking, IWC Schaffhausen IWC also uphold the same philosophy, harbor dreams and beyond, and hope that accompany every courageous struggle of the people have a wider field of vision with the world.

2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games is the first time the Olympic flame arrived in South America, “a new world” will be opened. As early as 2000, to commemorate the 500 anniversary of the discovery of Brazil, IWC has launched one called “discovery of Brazil” (Descoberta do Brasil) is the world’s limited edition watch, this watch will be the spirit of exploration into a new journey. It coincides with the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil, IWC IWC is particularly recommended four challenging spirit of the watch, lead you the freedom to explore “sea and air,” the extraordinary world.

Sky, carrying the most broad perspective. The way of life requires a high degree, struggle heart world, have a career possibility. IWC’s Pilot’s TOP GUN Navy air combat forces Chronograph, give you the most broad-minded and strength, to see their way of life, see the world, see beings.

Pilot’s TOP GUN Navy air combat forces Chronograph (Model: IW389001) ceramic case diameter of 44 mm. The dial has a simple design with a single heavy date. 89000 from 89361-type movement series of new type of self-movement located at “12 o’clock” position small dial shows the measured minutes and hours, and is responsible for central hands display chronograph seconds clearer reading.

Life is like arena, it is important not only speed, but also need to seize the opportunity in a different environment. IWC IWC Engineer Chronograph Special edition racer, you navigate through lead in shifting steadily forward.

Engineers Chronograph Racer Special Edition (Model: IW378510) with a diameter of 45 mm stainless steel case, bezel with tachometer, double-sided anti-reflective flat sapphire glass and screw-in crown, tachometer bezel can be easily calculate the traveling speed of the vehicle. Silvered dial with silver and blue pointer drive time / embedded time stamp. 89361 chronograph equipped with mechanical self-winding movement. And equipped with a solid stainless steel bracelet, the bracelet attached to special fine-tuning device, the wearer of the bracelet length can always fine-tune.

Ocean, deep with many unknown secrets. Life is depth, only worked hard to know the life of quiet and energy. IWC IWC timepiece watch automatic watch the ocean, gives you the courage to dive deep, digging themselves and explore the life of another possibility.

Total Marine Automatic Watch (Model: IW329002) Bhatti high water resistance from 12 to 30 bar, so as to further enhance the safety factor of deep-sea diving. Case diameter is 42 mm, the IWC diver watch family watches the smallest, driven by 30120-type movement. Black dial styles, dive related display are coated with striking green luminous coating. In the dark field of vision and poor environment, multiple Super-LumiNova® * distributing color luminous luminous coating, ensuring clear when reading.

Laureus Sport for Community Foundation, “the movement to overcome their differences, to pass confidence and promote teamwork” as the slogan, convinced that the integration of the power of sport to promote social change, and create a better future for disadvantaged children and youth. Life needs tolerance, full of enthusiasm and humane care, in order to create a happy pattern. IWC this year to join Laureus Sport for Community Foundation released Portofino Automatic watch moon phase 37, so that you perceive sincerity and love, is the realm of life is the most sincere.

IWC this year to join Laureus Sport for Community Foundation released Portofino Automatic watch moon phase 37 (Model: IW459006), the world’s limited edition of 1,500 pieces. Moon phase dial and unique “Lawrence” Blue, too count gives an extraordinary sense of perspective and depth. Another special feature of this special edition watch is engraved on the bottom of the table. This year, the jury finally chose 16-year-old girl Eleni from Cyprus (Cyprus) of Partakki works. She is a “movement moment” (Time for Sport) as the theme of the game is the author of the works show the boys and girls playing ball cheerful scenes.