Marc A. Hayek, the guardian of unity – Interview

The center of the accumulation remains the excellent Villeret line and the creative specialties accumulations are likewise in our DNA, yet thinking back to the 20th century Blancpain had constantly centered around one specific sort of watch. From the 1950s to the center of the 1970s, for instance, the brand created solely games models, for example, the Fifty Fathoms and Air Command models replica watches and there were no established models. From the 1980s to the mid-1990s, then again, the models were just traditional in style and no one would have longed for saying games watches.

I took after these advancements and I need to say that none of them are any pretty much Blancpain. The Fifty Fathoms is as much a piece of our legacy as the Villeret gathering may be. I needed to unite this on the grounds that it is all piece of the brand. Anyhow I likewise need the individual accumulations to keep their character, with the energetic models copy watches china being 100% lively and the traditional models 100% established.


Yes, this is critical. Every brand ought to stay inside its own particular universe and the groups are so all around incorporated on the grounds that they know they have this security. They cooperate a ton and sustain off each others’ thoughts without them essentially being affected by them. In my five years accountable for the three brands I have never needed to venture into say that an item proposed by one of the brands would be more suited to another.

Blancpain is likewise connected with two noteworthy occasions connected to the sea this year, the Blancpain Ocean Commitment Challenge, which is new, and the Blancpain World Ocean Summit, which you officially cooperated with a year ago. Will this keep on being the fundamental manifestation of declaration for the Fifty Fathoms accumulation?

The most essential thing was the reward and the pride of the whole group in the outcome, which is profoundly propelling. There was likewise an extraordinary enthusiasm for the individual models yet it is hard to see a fake watches direct impact on deals. The prizes help deals when all is said in done, obviously, yet its hard to measure whether it is offers of the specific models that won the prizes.