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Panerai fake watches since 1860 was born, it has never been separated from the “big” word, large case, large dial, large strap, big bridge … … Although there are many people like Pei Fan, but because it exaggerated The design had to stay away from, it has been complained that the movement is too Panerai style, even if the love can not be perfectly integrated into the dress. Indeed Panerai earlier four series are partial heavy, for those who tend to thin section of the people, the choice is not large, perhaps out of this consideration, Panerai launched in May this year An unprecedented new series – Luminor Due, this series broke the Panerai “no thin table” deadlock, from the dress up people who can control the Panerai.

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In this article, I will introduce you to a new Luminor Due series of fake watches, the official model: PAM00675.
Luminor Due watch

Luminor Due “Separate Territory”

Panerai has maintained a classic four series: Radiomir, Radiomir 1940, Luminor, Luminor 1950, these major series are basically maintained the original essence of Panerai, the details of the Department have revealed the military style and Marine culture. The new Luminor Due shape is based on the earlier Luminor 1950 case design, including the pillow-shaped case, a large dial, one of the forming lugs, and crown protection bridge device. In the continuation of the classic design at the same time, Luminor Due also made a change, more simple lines of the watch, the thickness of thinner, lighter weight, more fashionable atmosphere, is a formal, sports and leisure occasions, wild watches .

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Panerai this year released a total of four Luminor Due watch, including two P.1000 movement equipped with PAM00676 (stainless steel) and PAM00677 (red gold), and two equipped with P.4000 movement PAM00674 ( Stainless steel) and PAM00675 (red gold models). This article describes the piece is equipped with P.4000 self-winding movement of the red gold PAM00675, and PAM00674 compared to this watch more luxurious and noble, worn in the wrist between more elegant, more suitable for formal occasions to wear, on the contrary 674 More low-key introverted.


Fine PAM00675

Touched in kind and found that the new Luminor Due watch compared to the previous table is indeed a lot of thin and light, no heavy feeling, even in the girls wrist does not seem unexpected. Remember the new preview scene, it was said: so long, Panerai finally thin section. Yes, Panerai this is to steal the wallet, Luminor Due neither Panerai the loss of some elements, but also become more fashionable temperament, who can say it inflow it?

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From the figure we can see out, Luminor Due case becomes thinner and more sense of lines, edges and corners are more clear, especially the lug part has become more slender, with one case cast. According to official data, the new series of models than the similar Luminor 1950 models in the thickness of the reduction of nearly 40% of the same diameter as 45mm, thickness is only 10.7mm.
Dial is still using a sandwich structure, with a bar-like time scale and digital display, all covered with luminous display coating, 9 o’clock position with a small seconds, simple style, the perfect interpretation of Panerai style. But at the same time the disk has also been a new design, decorated with a solar radiation decoration, compared to the previous table, more stylish and elegant, elegant temperament is self-evident, which in the Panerai watch is very rare, this Also shows Luminor Due Panerai opened a new fashion model.

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Have seen the Panerai wrist-like person may have the same feeling, strap feel and comfort a few brands can be compared, this 675 is a pure black leather strap, natural texture, wear Comfortable; accompanied by a red gold material of the needle buckle, the outside marked “PANERAI” words.

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Finally came to talk about the movement, PAM00675 this cheap replica watch is equipped with hollow design P.4000 / 10 self-winding mechanical movement, compared to P.4000 more beautiful and more beautiful, 22ct. Paris nail pattern, table bridge Zeyi ring frosted and gold-plated sculpture embellishment. This movement is the most unusual two-way winding eccentric swing Tuo, for the long power reserve of two hairspring barrels to provide power, balance plywood to provide dual support than a single cantilever balance board is more stable, machine The core provides up to 3 days of power storage for the watch.
Luminor Due officially broke the Panerai fake over the years left a rough impression, with a new design opened up a new territory, You can wear it without fear into the reception of the door. At present this watch has been sold in the country, the reference price of RMB 181,000.