Replica Omega Speedmaster Professional Silver Snoopy Award

A great deal of content on the dial, however all with a reason and it doesn’t generally exasperate the dial as I would see it. Notwithstanding, it additionally may be my one-sided assessment towards the Speedmaster Silver Snoopy. On Thursday we will ready to see and attempt this swiss replica watch in the fragile living creature and contrast it with the current Speedmaster Snoopy Award from 2003.

Omega Silver Snoopy Award

An imperative note is the iridescence of the dial (and tachymeter scale) of the new Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award. Indeed, even the dozing Snoopy will light up oblivious, extremely noteworthy.

Presently, much the same as its 2003 forerunner, the cool some portion of the best replica watch is likewise on the rear. Where the previous model had a sapphire case back with a finish like picture of Snoopy working on this issue back (see beneath), the new Omega Speedmaster Professional Silver Snoopy Award has a sterling silver Snoopy. The emblem is ensured under sapphire and the connected 925 silver Snoopy on 925 silver plate loaded with dull blue polish with “925 silver pallions” speaking to the stars .

Silver Snoopy Award - Sterling 925 Silver Snoopy under sapphire

A unique presentation box is utilized for the Silver Snoopy Award, including a testament of genuineness and a 925 sterling silver Snoopy pin and a committed daily paper (Apollo XIII). There is no data accessible about the cost until further notice, yet likely some place between the rundown cost of the consistent Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch” and the Apollo XI 45th Anniversary Edition (was € 5850 Euro) I presum.


The Omega replica Speedmaster Professional Silver Snoopy Award reference 311. goes ahead a pleasant dark covered nylon fabric strap with white sewing and a collapsing fasten. Like every one of the 42mm Speedmaster Professional cheap replica watches, the drag size is 20mm. You can likewise add a stainless steel armlet to this swiss fake watch, or one of the new Omega NATO straps obviously.