Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu Watch Hands-On

Cooperation and collocation are nothing new for Hublot. Brands thrive on them. As part of the company’s release strategy, Cheap Hublot Replica Watches also produced a number of limited edition watches to commemorate these relationships. In most cases, these limited edition watches are variants of the existing reference – new dial color, new case material, new strap… this kind of thing. There is nothing wrong with this, but I believe many readers will prefer to see something different and special. It seems that Hublot heard our request because the limited edition Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu is one of the best and most unique limited edition Big Bang watches I have ever seen.

Before I talk about watches, I need a bit of background because it is very instructive for the design of Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu. Sang Bleu was founded by Swiss tattoo artist, entrepreneur and watch enthusiast Maxime Buchi. The company is described as a multimedia platform and creative agency. It is made up of Sang Bleu magazine, which focuses on contemporary art and culture; Sang Bleu Physical, street clothing brand; Swiss Typefaces, a type design studio that specializes in logos and corporate fonts; and finally, Samburu Tattoo Studio. If you go to their website, you will see that it is all avant-garde, fashionable, and this is appropriate, because Hublot Replica Big Bang Sang Bleu is the most embarrassing one in Big Bang design.

It is not an easy task to say that Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu is a completely redesigned big bang. Made of titanium, titanium diamond, gold gold and black ceramic, this Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu is 45mm in size and is standard on Big Bang watches. However, as you have noticed in the photos here, the difference is the case and the dial.

The case and dial are designed by Maxime Buchi, which is more noticeable in the flesh than the news photos I have seen. For example, the bezel is now cut and chamfered in a hexagonal shape, in stark contrast to other Big Bang watches. The top is satin polished, while the slanted bevel is mirror polished. The facet acts as a light-reflecting surface, giving the new Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu case a greater depth. The only design element that can be passed on to the bezel is the iconic Hublot Replica Watches H-screw. Waterproof is 100 meters, as I mentioned many times before, it should be the absolute minimum of luxury sports watches.

The dial also saw a big change, instead of the hand and the counter, you saw a series of octagonal gold-plated discs with symmetrical lines inside and stacked on top of each other. This effect is very profound. I almost want to say that it looks a bit like a tribe, but then I realized that the shape here was inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian paintings, and I think the word I actually looked for might be classic. .

There are a total of three discs. If you look closely, you can see that both of their tips are coated with a white Super-LumiNova. Once you know what you are dealing with, it’s actually easy to read the time: the outer and largest discs represent hours, while the smaller discs display minutes, while the smallest unmarked disc in the middle of the dial rotates for seconds.

To help the owner read the time, the dial’s flange indicates the number of hours and the internal minute track is aligned with the minute dial. An interesting detail here is that the numbers on the flanges and minute tracks were created exclusively by Swiss Fontfaces, which, as mentioned earlier, is the type design studio of Sang Bleu.

The theme of symmetrical lines and geometric shapes continues into the middle of the case, and the two lugs are engraved with patterns. The leather strap made by the Italian leather supplier Schedoni is also not spared, and the embossed pattern forms a very consistent appearance with the rest of the watch. As a whole, Big Bang Sang Bleu is easy to be one of the best Big Bang watches, and this is my favorite.

Internally, the Big Bang Sang Bleu is powered by Hublot’s Unico HUB1213 calibre, which is basically a Unico movement, whose timing function is removed and the gear train has been redesigned to provide greater torque to the larger disc. The power reserve remains unchanged for 72 hours or three days.

The unique movement is the rotor, which continues the dial’s polygonal and symmetrical theme, with a triangular outline surrounded by other symmetrical shapes and lines. It looks beautiful when you shake the watch a little.

Overall, Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu is easy to become one of Hublot’s most outstanding and unique limited edition watches. I hope that the future limited edition Fake Hublot Watches works will use Sang Bleu as an inspiration, and strive to be more than just the existing simple version. . Quote. In fact, all brands should pursue the same goals as Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu. The limited edition is not just an excuse to sell more watches, they should commemorate the watch, and Sang Bleu has successfully launched this watch. It is easy to see that Maxime Buchi plays an important role in the design of Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu.

For fans of Hublot, Big Bang Sang Bleu is easy to recommend. This is a true freshness of the Big Bang collection, which is also very beautiful in the flesh. For other readers who want to buy the Swiss Hublot Watches family, Sang Bleu is not a bad way. You will get a really uncommon and special big bang. Hublot Big Bang Sang Bleu is available in titanium, gold, black and titanium diamonds. Titanium is priced at $18,800, black ceramics are $21,000, diamond titanium is $37,300, and King Gold is $39,900. Each version is limited to 200 pieces.

Hublot Replica Big Bang Unico color sapphire watch

In 2016, Hublot Replica launched the first Big Bang Unico sapphire watch set off a sapphire revolution, will have a hard wear and completely transparent characteristics of the sapphire material used in the case of manufacturing, the latest achievements in the brand at the same time, To transparent shape for the wearer to bring a wrist fresh, memorable. This year, only less than a year, Nyon’s Hublot Replica watch factory once again to create a new watchmaking miracle, in the much-anticipated Basel Watch and Jewelery Fair have launched two Big Bang Unico color sapphire wrist Table, this time, the new sapphire and metal perfect fusion for the transparent sapphire crystal material case to add bright blue, red color elements, which is the first watch industry for the first time using color sapphire crystal to create watch, brand re-watch miracle. Here, in which the blue section, for example, we come together to see: (watch model: 411.JL.4809.RT)

Sapphire material new initiative

As early as 1902, synthetic synthetic sapphire technology has been born, but because the material crystallization process is very unstable, the production process is easy to produce bubbles and cracks and material size restrictions, resulting in the world has never produced more than 2 kg Color sapphire. Fortunately, Hublot Replica has overcome these obstacles, through the continuous breakthrough in engineering and chemical limits, to create a very complex and costly new technology, Hublot Replica successfully developed a large size, crystal clear, color uniform color sapphire crystal.

This time, the brand breakthrough material raw alumina (Al2O3) and transition metal chromium (Cr) together with the temperature to 2000-2050 degrees Celsius, and then the crystallization of raw materials for the more perfect color sapphire, to retain the ultra-wear-resistant high hardness and pass Permeability at the same time, giving sapphire color elements, make it more ornamental. This technology to create a sapphire material color – watch the history of the first blue sapphire watch, this is Hublot Replica Big Bang Unico color sapphire watch.

This time, the new product selection using 45 mm blue sapphire case, after careful polished lines smooth, full of texture, at first glance brings a unique permeability. Here, certainly friends will ask, so transparent material and glass will be as brittle, very scratch-resistant it? But in fact the hardness of this material to 9 Mo-type hardness, its nature after the diamond (10 Mo-type hardness), so enough to deal with the daily cut rub, highly ornamental and practical.

In addition, the new product also retains Hublot Replica brand of highly recognizable shell type and bezel on the H-type screw. Watch the button satin wire drawing titanium alloy crown also engraved on behalf of Hublot Replica “H” type LOGO, and the bezel on the line against each other.

Dial to resin hollow design to create, and the case match. Sky blue Arabic numerals and the inside of the bezel logo and the central pointer against each other, so that the time indicator is more clear and intuitive. And are covered with blue fluorescent coating, timing in a dark environment can also be a clear view. 9 when the standard for the small seconds, 3:00 mark for the minutes of the disk and date display window, although the design for the hollow, but also in the function plate is decorated with color elements decorated, so that at a glance.

Watch the back cover for the back through the design, through the sapphire glass back cover, wonderful machinery clearly visible, do not have a mechanical charm. Using Hublot Replica HUB1242 UNICO automatic winding column wheel flyback chronograph movement, vibration frequency 28800 times / hour, power storage up to 72 hours. With the same red models, this section limited edition issued 250 pieces.

Blue transparent engraved strap, color and case echoes, showing the overall watch watch. Equipped with full texture of the titanium folding clasp, fashion and classic, so pick Dai are very convenient.

Hublot Replica Big Bang Unico Color Sapphire Watch (Blue)
Summary: As the history of the first cheap replica watches with a color sapphire watch watch, this watch has a special significance. In addition, in a more beautiful and transparent appearance, this new product also re-interpretation of the Hublot Replica fusion concept, the integration of color elements, so that the concept of time is more superior. Like this watch watch friends may wish to enter the brand store, the specific experience of what brought the kind of style.