HUBLOT replica 2017, the world’s largest exhibition

As the Swiss top watch brand HUBLOT riginal philosophy, “fusion of art” laid the brand’s unique style, so that uphold the rigorous watchmaking tradition at the same time, Bocaizhongzhang, and constantly create a new classic. In order to maintain a steady stream of creativity, as early as 2010  watches will invest heavily in basic research and development, and in 2012 in the Swiss Nyon watch factory set up an independent foundry and dedicated to achieve the “fusion of art” metallurgy And material departments to support the brand in the material and high complexity of the field of breakthrough ideas. Today, the concept of “fusion art” has been integrated into all aspects of brand management, and its expression beyond the material itself, passing the extraordinary corporate culture. June 2017, Hublot with the latest R & D results arrived in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, three places, hereby preview of the new table in Basel, for everyone to offer a new style of watch new style.

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2017 years, HUBLOT in the peak of the road to continue to move forward. From the material to the color, from machinery to fashion, Hublot watches have brought a new surprise in the watch industry blowing a pilot of the wind Material, Hublot watches innovation sapphire crystal instability of the technical shackles, the success of creating color sapphire case, which is the first watch industry for the first time using color sapphire crystal to create the watch! Big Bang Unico blue sapphire watch thus shocked appearance, the middle case, bezel and table back are cut from the blue piece of blue sapphire crystal. Second, Hublot watches following the “all black” concept, the pursuit of all Clear series, and then watch the new wave of watch. Big Bang soul series sapphire watch classic barrel-shaped case extremely transparent, clear, clear, pure, minimalist style was born.
In the high complexity of the function, Hublot watches oath in breaking the limits of multi-axis Tourbillon watch, handed down for MP-09 dual-axis Tourbillon watch with wonderful ideas, to ensure the stability of the dual-axis tourbillon under the premise of building Out of the suspension of the visual effects, and to the original case 100% highlights the mystery of the movement, the mechanical beauty to the extreme, handed down for the MP-09 dual-axis Tourbillon watch come out, once again proved Hublot watches in the top-level system Table field of super strength! Techframe Ferrari 70 anniversary of the tourbillon chronograph watch tribute pure Ferrari descent, designed by the Ferrari professional team,Hublot watches team to achieve, making the whole watch as a sports car as strong and flexible, but also a microcosm of advanced tabulation.
Fashion area, has been widely acclaimed Hublot watches and Paris century footwear family Berluti joint re-push new work, the first introduction of the timing function, the introduction of the classic fusion timing Berluti watch, so Berluti originality Patina ancient art dyeing and Hublot creative Unlimited watch the perfect blend of talent. Hublot watches and Italia Independent independent Italian cooperation since 2014 achievements, the new classic fusion timing independent Italian watch and Big Bang One Click “independent Italian” watch to the elegant men and modern women pay tribute to the watch more Change the new look of fashion. Accompanied by the summer of the dense light and colorful colors, Big Bang soul series moon phase watch the glamor of the moon into the colorful colors of the season, to explore the different personality of the hearts of women happy password.
In addition, Hublot watches continued to focus on charity, with the famous British electronic band Depeche Mode grand release Big Bang Unico Depeche Mode watch, the proceeds of the watch will be donated to the World Charity Water Foundation to help clean and safe drinking Water to develop China.
“Lovel Biver said:” Hublot watches adhere to the concept of integration, we kept the creation of the Swiss top watchmaking new ideas for the brand to bring a richer visual symbols. As a watch brand of modernity, I hope that more people can enjoy the innovative process of Hublot watches, so that we feel the unique charm of Hublot watches.

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In the traditional profound understanding and vision of the future between the vision, Hublot watches cleverly create a fusion model, never fight first.
Inheritance and Reconstruction of Sapphire Material

Big Bang Unico sapphire watch
2017, the Swiss top watch brand  Hublot watches will sapphire and metal perfect fusion for the Big Bang series to create a unique blue transparent sapphire case, which is the first watch industry for the first time using color sapphire crystal to create the watch.
The first innovation: 2016, Hublot watches subversion sapphire in the watch industry application model
Sapphire has a hard wear and completely transparent characteristics, however, in the manufacturing is extremely difficult, Hublot watches is the first production of the production of sapphire watch brand. Nine’s watch factory and its metallurgical departments continue to innovate, open up a new territory.
The second innovation: 2017, the new technological innovation – Hublot watches sapphire new initiative
Synthetic colored sapphire technology was born in 1902 and was invented by the French chemist Auguste Victor Louis Verneuil, but because the crystallization process was very unstable, it was difficult to obtain sapphire trees with similar color at the same time The melting of sapphire crystals is still a complex and unpredictable process. Not only that, the production of Big Bang sapphire case in the process, the material is prone to bubbles and cracks. But the biggest challenge is the size of sapphire, after the world has never produced more than 2 kg of color sapphire. Today, however, through the continuous breakthrough in engineering and chemical limits, to create a very complex and costly new technology, Hublot watches successfully developed a large size, crystal clear, uniform color sapphire crystal. (Alumina) and transition metal chromium (Cr) together heated to 2000-2050 degrees Celsius, and then crystallization for the perfect color sapphire, while retaining the sapphire material of all the original characteristics, including ultra-wear-resistant high Hardness and completely transparent permeability. This technology to create a sapphire material color – watch the history of the first blue sapphire watch.

Big Bang Unico Sapphire – 250 pieces per limited edition
Big Bang Unico blue sapphire replica watches china case middle, bezel and table back are cut from the blue piece of blue sapphire crystal. Rims, hour markers, Arabic numerals, hour / minute colors and sapphires echo each other.  HUB1242 UNICO self-produced movement through the case, exquisite machinery is clearly visible, the column column wheel is located on the side of the dial. In addition, Hublot watches also launched a limited edition of 250 red sapphire watch, by iron (Fe) and alumina fusion, to create a flaming red transparent sapphire case.

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Big Bang Soul Series Sapphire Watch
Switzerland’s top watch brand Hublot watches “all black” concept has now become a watch industry can not miss the trend. Following this, Yu ship table victory to create All Clear series, and then lift the watch new wave. Follow the MP-05 “LaFerrari” sapphire and Big Bang Unico sapphire watch the pace, Big Bang soul series sapphire watch wonderful debut, classic barrel-shaped case extremely transparent, showing a different kind of pure style. When the complex decoration is hidden, watch the charm of the structure and the movement of the delicate machinery will be glance.
Complex function innovation breakthrough

Handed down for MP-09 dual-axis Tourbillon watch
Hublot replica watches for the MP-09 dual-axis Tourbillon replica watches equipped with excellent performance MHUB9009.H1.RA self-winding movement, with 5 days power reserve. The biaxial tourbillon exhibits the ultimate beauty of the mechanical movement, the first axis rotates once every minute, the second axis rotates every 30 seconds, it is feast for the eyes and both. In order to highlight the movement as much as possible – watch “beating heart”, Hublot watches factory professional watchmaker for the MP-09 to create a unique case. Dial 6 o’clock position with a large hollow window, through the ultra-complex three-sided sapphire mirror, biaxial Tourbillon frenzy swing glance, the biaxial design than ordinary Tourbillon can overcome the impact of gravity.
In addition, the handed down for the MP-09 Tourbillon dual-axis watch also because of its original date adjustment system and come to the fore. The design ingenuity and quite practical, through a simple push up and down, you can quickly two-way calibration calendar. Multi-level dial structure, alternating black, white and red, making MP-09 more elegant. In hours and minutes show nearby, the date display is two semicircular arrangement, can be instantly changed at different levels, 9 o’clock position with 5 days power reserve display.
The watch integrates a number of Hublot watches iconic design, including 49 mm diameter case and 30 meters waterproof depth, a total of two styles: titanium and Wang Jin (bezel / upper and lower plywood / table back) The As the use of cutting-edge technology of ultra-complex function watch, Hublot replica watches for the MP-09 dual-axis Tourbillon watch limited edition: Titanium Edition limited edition 50, Wang Jin limited edition 20.

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Inherited professional watchmaking tradition, but also no lack of strong personality, handed down for the MP-09 dual-axis Tourbillon watch come out, once again proved Hublot watches in the field of super-watch super strength.

The Ferrari 70th Anniversary Flywheel Chronograph
And Ferrari 70th anniversary of the glory of the moment, Hublot watches and the famous partner of the Italian brand Ferrari together to create exquisite watch series. Technart Ferrari 70 anniversary of the tourbillon chronograph replica watches Ferrari in the design director Flavio Manzoni (Flavio Manzoni) under the leadership of the Ferrari development of sports car creative process design watch. Hublot watches factory will Ferrari’s research results and unique design into reality. Hublot replica watches application engineering, materials science and tabulation process of professional skills, the successful realization of the Ferrari aesthetic ideas and technical ideas. In the end, both the spirit of the Ferrari and the world’s watch watch came into being: the case consists of three parts of the module structure – the outer frame, the middle of the skeleton, the back cover parts, like a dream Ferrari sports car.
Techframe Ferrari 70 anniversary Tourbillon chronograph watch is not only faithful to the design philosophy of Ferrari, it is a microcosm of advanced tabulation. Tribute to the pure Ferrari descent, the watch equipped with Hublot replica watches independent design and development of the tourbillon chronograph movement: the new HUB6311 manual winding movement, composed of 253 parts, with proud 5-day power reserve. Single-button timer, with innovative lever technology to achieve a key “start – stop – restart” three functions, boarded the eyes of professionals in the eyes of the watch. Anodized aluminum lever is also the same as the Ferrari red, square inch blooming sports car speeding charm. Techframe Ferrari 70 anniversary Tourbillon chronograph watch grand launch three versions: Wang Jin, PEEK carbon fiber, and titanium. Each watch a limited edition of 70, for the noble collection and health.
No fashion is not Hublot

Classic Fusion Tim Berluti watch
The new classic fusion timing Berluti watch will Hublot watches unlimited creative watchmaking talent and Berluti originality Patina ancient art of the perfect fusion of art. In 2016, the Swiss top watch brand Hublot watches and Berluti first hand in hand, the introduction of the classic fusion Berluti series replica watches, Hublot watches to further clever use of Berluti iconic leather, such a noble natural material and classic fusion watch Combined into one. This is obviously a more difficult and complicated creation. In the classic fusion chronograph watch, 3 o’clock position and 9 o’clock position by the two chronograph dial, for this, the watchmaker must re-create the design, the development of new technology to ensure that the leather can be stable Running on such a complex dial.

Classic fusion time “independent Italian” watch
Since its inception in 2014, Hublot and Italia Independent Independent Italy and Lapo Elkann (Lapo Elkann) has successfully launched two replica watches, all from the Hublot logo of the Big Bang Unico series. The new classic fusion timing independent Italian watch as if for the “world’s most elegant man” Lapu Elkann (Lapo Elkann) tailored. The famous “sartoria Rubinacci” is the best choice for cooperation. Rubinacci has the most beautiful fabric collection, including more than 60,000 square meters of thousands of birds checkered, tweed and other precious fabrics, here, Hublot watches and Lapu Elkann (Lapo Elkann) looking for a series of Scotland Checkered fabric – from the 70’s color grid wool fabric in the classic fusion of the replica watches in the rejuvenation of the machine. Dial and strap are made of these precious fabrics, so that this series of 45 mm diameter chronograph watch showing an unparalleled elegance. “So naturally natural and chic!” (La vera sprezzatura!)

Big Bang One Click “independent Italian” watch
The new “independent Italian” replica watches, the integration of black ceramic, sparkling diamonds and top velvet three different styles of innovative materials, to create a coveted modern feast! Hublot replica watchesunique One-Click quick replacement strap system, giving the replica watches a new look of changing fashion. Big Bang One Click “independent Italian” replica watches ingenuity with a velvet, extended from the strap to the dial, highlighting the noble and elegant femininity. At present, the watch has black, blue and purple three colors to choose from. Just gently press, you can achieve free mix and match, the style decided by me.
Three colors, three times experience, for the modern women to bring a unique Italian style, thousands of style, arbitrary.

Big Bang soul series moon phase replica watches
HUBLOT Yu ship table full of love for the color, the blue, purple, orange and pink into the new Big Bang soul moon phase replica watches. Matching straps, quartz dials, sandblasted moon discs, pointers, time readings and gemstone inlaid bezels are given the same color, for this monochrome cheap replica watches series to create a lifelike visual tone. Monochrome style extends to every detail: translucent sandblasted dial shows two alternating moon patterns, the moon pattern covered with the corresponding tone. The distinctive colors make the charming moon phase change even more compelling

Hublot replica classic fusion timing “independent Italian” watch

The pattern of clothing material has always been the eternal topic of fashion theme watch design, mainly reflected in the watch strap design, making a simple strap more sense of perception and design sense, for the wearer’s wrist charm extra points. In 2014, the famous Swiss brand Hublot launched a cowboy style big bang watch, and other brand fashion watch is different, this time, Hublot with a unique process to suppress the denim fabric on the dial, and cowboy strap perfect Integration, is also the trend of fashion and watchmaking skills for the watch design to bring a freshness. After each year, Hublot will be popular fashion design into the watch, so that the magic of the series will always maintain a fresh sense of the times and design. 2017, Hublot once again followed the fashion pulse, launched a new Hublot classic fusion timing “independent Italy” watch, generous and retro lattice decoration, full of full flavor design, so that the release of the unprecedented release of extraordinary energy , Attracted numerous envy eyes.

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Fashion Sven and bohemian
To thousands of birds, Wales, Scotland and other patterns as a watch dial and watch the decoration, showing an unparalleled elegance, showing the brand for the wearer to create “so naturally natural chic!” Integration of brand-specific watchmaking skills, but also has always been booming Hublot table into a sense of fashion and Sven, highlight the men’s diverse feelings and style full of charm.

Interpretation of the beauty of alternative fashion

Hublot classic fusion timing “independent Italian” watch

45mm Wang gold case
After polished polished, 45 mm Hublot patent gold gold case showing a delicate and full of color, very beautiful. Wang Jinji circle is the first through the drawing after grinding, show another kind of material to enjoy, and smooth the perfect fusion of the case, showing luxury and exquisite style.

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Wang Jin crown and timing button
With the king of the crown material engraved Hublot LOGO design, for the watch to add a brand exclusive charm. The use of non-slip texture design, so that the wearer in the debugging time is not smooth operation, is very convenient.

Color square wool fabric dial
Made of sartoria Rubinacci color square wool fabric dial, full of design. Gold three-dimensional time scale and the central pointer against each other, making the time indicator clear and intuitive. With chronograph, 30 minutes timer and date display window function, for the watch to provide outstanding practical performance.
Movement of the beauty

HUB1143 movement
Through the sapphire crystal glass back cover, the movement of the appearance of the front, exquisite hollow pendulum decorated Yu-ship LOGO pattern, full of perception. Equipped with Yu-hua HUB1143 self-winding movement, to protect the time travel time accurate, power reserve for 42 hours.

Color square wool fabric strap
Color box wool fabric strap, selected from the top custom suit material it shows a unique luxury, a sense of type. Connect a gold folding clasp, can be a good protection watch wrist safe, easy to fall off, very reliable.

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Hublot classic fusion timing “independent Italian” watch
Summary: neither too bold nor too light, slightly sports wind, color and lively decoration is not only for the dial design to bring a fresh design sense, and enhance the overall style of the watch style, coupled with the brand Patented Wang Jin case set off, so that a classic integration of Hublot “independent Italian” watch, both fashionable and elegant and gentle, showing the modern city men’s extraordinary taste and trend of fashion, for the wearer’s wrist to provide a Full of quality and graceful partner.

Purple charm style of the three replica watches

Purple will bring a sense of mystery, wearing a purple cheap replica watches will be the charming charm of women emerge out, the color does not have to worry about the age stage, whether with a little dress or black and white gray style will have a strong Of the visual effects, any time women wear purple watch will convey a different temperament style. The following watch on the recommendation of three hundred thousand or so full of purple charm of the ladies watch.

Omega De Ville series Ladymatic coaxial replica watches

Watch model: 425.
Watch series: disc flying
Watch diameter: 34 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case Material: Stainless steel
Waterproof depth: 100 meters
Watch Comments: This section Omega Ladymatic female table has a deep purple charm of the attraction, diamond-studded bezel distributed dazzling light. Equipped with purple light plate with a diamond pattern with a diamond hour scale, 3 o’clock with a calendar window. Wear-resistant sapphire crystal mirror will be gorgeous dial to show the front. 34 mm stainless steel case, with a frosted purple leather strap, show ladies charming style. This replica watches china is also a major highlight of the black ceramic ring is located in the side edge of the steel decorative corrugated and the inner ring between the main body, the unique craftsmanship presented. Watch equipped with Cal.8520 / 8521 coaxial movement, with automatic winding function, through the transparent table back clearly visible movement of the United States, and the use of Omega Si 14 silicon material gossamer, power reserve up to 50 hours.

Cartier replica blue balloon series WE902063 watch

Watch diameter: 33 mm
Case thickness: 9.96 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18K rose gold
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Watch comments: This Cartier blue balloon series new replica watches , 9.96 mm case is made of 18K rose gold, 18K rose gold groove crown inlaid with a convex round sapphire, unique Cartier blue balloon features. Silver-plated paint sun-ray decorated on the dial inlaid with 11 bright cut diamond, a Roman numerals with a sword-shaped blue steel pointer, unique. Sapphire crystal mirror, with glossy purple crocodile leather strap, exudes elegance charm temperament. Watch equipped with Cartier 076 workshop refined automatic winding mechanical movement, water depth of 30 meters.

Jaeger-LeCoultre series Q3448460 watch

Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: steel diamond
Waterproof depth: 30 meters
Watch Comments: This Jaeger-Leave dating series of watches, dial and strap are bright and charming purple. Stainless steel diamond case surrounded by soft lines, extremely shining. The brushed polished finish is decorated with sun-shaped ornaments, with a day and night display panel at 6 o’clock, and its exquisite silver decoration and Rendez-Vous dating series of iconic figures clever fusion, creating a light and deep purple complement each other. Crown inlaid bright cut diamonds, and shine dials echo each other. Watch equipped with Cal.898A self-winding movement, vibration frequency of 28800 per hour oscillation times, power reserve 40 hours. Called a bold avant-garde style masterpiece, attracting ordinary women’s eyes.
Summary: Sometimes a color will change the mood of people, for a color may have a different effect, not common purple watch as a decoration with a single product is also a good choice. Whether it is to date, party or travel, the charm of purple will make your wrist become a bright spot, you will become the crowd’s charming focus.