The establishment of Piaget watch brand


Piaget Replica is a rising star in luxury watch brands. It is in the late 1940s that Piaget ranked among the first-class watches. This top watch brand that deeply attracts many people of status has experienced a slow growth of nearly a hundred years before it finally took off.

Since its inception in 1874, Piaget has always been committed to enhancing creativity, modifying details and integrating technology of watches and jewelry and so on, reflecting the style of a premium brand. Piaget originally specialized in the research and manufacture of wristwatch movements, and later further extended its exquisite crafts to jewelry crafts, which lead to the launch of the first jewelry watch in the 1960s. Piaget has an outstanding ability to constantly improve, and is especially good at research and development of rare, precious and unique works.

Due to the excellent quality of Piaget watches, the company expanded their market quickly. Nowadays Piaget has shown modern mainstream flavor whether on shape or color. As the current president of Piaget has said, “You are enjoying a supreme treasure while watching the time from Piaget watches.” Founded in 1874, the Swiss watch brand Piaget has lead the watchmaking industry for over a century with excellent design talent and outstanding watchmaking technology, and added glory to the watch industry.